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  1. Early Date Info
  2. PS3 - Request ps3 ball nudge "steering" fix
  3. Buy one, play on PS3 and PS Vita
  4. PS3/Vita Release Date April 10th
  5. The Official PSN ID Thread
  6. How Europeans Can Get The US Version Early On PS3
  7. General PS3 Impressions Thread
  8. PS3 and Vita Single or Multiple Purchase?
  9. PS3 - Bug Freezing
  10. Request Avatars please !!!
  11. Request Separate Leaderboards
  12. PS3 input lag issue
  13. PS3 - Bug Possible Bug? Theatre of Magic Multiball Jackpot?
  14. Multiplayer
  15. PS3 - Request 5.1 Surround Sound
  16. PS3 - Request Move contoller
  17. Biggest Fluke Ever
  18. So, where's our DLC?
  19. Some glitches and adjustemnts I noticed
  20. Alternative ps3 controller ... Great for pinball arcade
  21. Request Volume control
  22. What is the point of posting a high score to Facebook?!
  23. According to the Playstation Blog, TPA Demo available this Tuesday for ps3 and vita
  24. PS3 Demo - What does everybody make of this?
  25. Request Release Date Pinball Arcade on PS3 and PS Vita Europe?
  26. ps3 version is BROKEN now... error codes :(
  27. DLC date revealed
  28. Request I want 3d gameplay
  29. Silly Sony
  30. no dlc trophies for ps3/vita
  31. Do you suffer under the input lag on the PS3?
  32. getting nervous... still no title update and DLC is due tomorrow.
  33. PS3 - Bug PS3 DLC Tables Will Not Install
  34. PS3 DLC Impressions
  35. I buy the tables on PSN for my PS3
  36. Do you prefer the new lighting on the original tables?
  37. Any way to buy less than $5 on PSN store?
  38. How to install new Updates and DLC tables
  39. PS3 Owners - Does your version of MM have the flipper gap issue?
  40. Bug High Score Number Overlap Display Issue
  41. Request PS3 ToM suggestions & fixes thread @farsight
  42. PS3 graphics vs iOS
  43. PSN Playstation store Boards : trouble for Far Sight
  44. no more posting to facebook at all w/ new update
  45. When do you guys think GORGAR will be released?
  46. Building a custom Pinball Controller
  47. Wizard Goals Unlocked On All Tables?
  48. Getting a PS3
  49. DLC Pack #3 & #4 Coming August! + Screenshots
  50. The DLC is now free?!?
  51. Audio quality lower after reinstall
  52. PS3 - Request Now they are saying Trophy support on the last 4 DLC PS3 tables might not happen.. :(
  53. Bug PS3 Version table instruction arrows have all turned black
  54. Bug "Ripleys" Hangs on Start up Screen/Standard Goal Issue
  55. X-Arcade controller?
  56. PS3 - Bug Battle for the Kingdom sometimes will not light
  57. A question to Medieval Madness PS3
  58. can't undo on enter initials screen
  59. I'm in a Medieval Madness scoring rut!
  60. Admit it: How often do you do THIS:
  61. PS3 Pinball Controller WIP
  62. Farsight CONFIRMS Trophies for table packs 1 & 2 in next update! :)
  63. PS3 Pack #3 & #4 Screens
  64. Ps3 dlc pack
  65. Tournaments?
  66. Curious on update fixing Black Hole bug(s).
  67. Does blackhole seem darker to anyone else after getting new tables?
  68. Request map controls + digital plunger (fight sticks)
  69. PS3 - Request PS3 DLC for Aus
  70. Bug *BUG* Ripley's table - The DMD shut off....AKA "The night the DMD went black"
  71. Request Mid game save feature a la Marvel Pinball
  72. So, the Funhouse bug is also on the PS3 version?
  73. Online multiplayer
  74. May sound a stupid question
  75. T-minus 7 days
  76. I'm in the UK. I bought the game from US PSN. DLC question.
  77. PS3 - Request Where to downlaod pinball arcade add-ons?
  78. PS3 - Request Instructions / Method for unlocking new DLC Trophies w/o abandoning high scores
  79. Bug This is bad.. New PS3 update (2.01) causing game breaking SLOW DOWN!!! :( Video proof
  80. PS3 Version 2.0.1 Bugs and Feedback
  81. Hot damn the new tables look incredible!
  82. Highwire Multiball on CV changed?
  83. DLC#3 Too bouncy?
  84. Youtube video for DLC pak 3 Gorgar and Monster Bash with Vita comparison
  85. Demos for Table Pack #3 missing
  86. PS3 - Request Controls options for nudge controls on either both analog sticks or stick+ L2/R2
  87. So is there still a new update (to flix the slowdown) going up to PSN tonight?
  88. PS3 - Bug Believe it or not!
  89. 3 things that irritate me a lot
  90. Update 2.02
  91. Bug PS3 Version 2.0.2 Bugs and Feedback
  92. 2 Stage Flippers
  93. Farsight hates europe
  94. Problem with new update
  95. PS3 - Bug Black screen after update
  96. Bug Funhouse (Ver 2.01)
  97. Can you toggle flipper inputs between sets of shoulder buttons? PLEASE ANSWER
  98. Lane & ramp hitting - is it me?
  99. Ps3 camera views
  100. Bug Gorgar on 2.01 tilts WAY too easily!!
  101. EU updates
  102. Bug Where my tables!
  103. zoom?
  104. WOW... Is Cirqus Voltaire this hard on the real thing?
  105. Ball Shot Out Of The Table???
  106. Has the update fixed the Funhouse game ending 11.45 bug.
  107. Hall of Fame scoreboard on PS3?
  108. PS3 Version 2.0.3
  109. When does dlc #4 Come out?
  110. Newsletter not getting it or subscriptions to thread
  111. Ahhhhh!! Eu dlc delay!
  112. Monter Bash outlanes are a real monster of a *****!
  113. New Bug / Glitch?
  114. Bug BOP Optical problem
  115. I hope Pinball Arcade goes 3D.
  116. Something Startiling About Version 2.01
  117. Tommorow around 4 PM Pacific Time
  118. Flipper lag theory
  119. Bug PS3 Version 2.0.3 Bugs & Feedback
  120. PS3 - Bug BK Upper playfield flipper lag...
  121. Ripley's believe it or not (2.0.3) - what has changed?
  122. Creature ramp lights
  123. Bug Funhouse "Score a 4-way Combo" does NOT count.
  124. PS3 williams collection original game compared to the pinball arcade
  125. Trophy Help For Version 2.03
  126. Request PlayStation Home Integration for Pinball Arcade
  127. Wizard Goals
  128. Two stage flippers poll
  129. IS it next week yet?
  130. No updates for europe ?
  131. Has the 2.03 update fixed the Funhouse missing ball glitch?
  132. Bug Ripley's Believe It Or Not has the wrong title image
  133. Table Pack #5 And #6 On Vita/PS3 Delayed
  134. Is this a bug?
  135. Dear FarSight: re: delay on table packs
  136. Bug PS3 Europe Version 1.03 Bugs & Feedback
  137. Playstation Store update in N.America DELAYED
  138. Can anyone confirm DLC pack 5 (24th) and pack 6 (31st) for EU PSN this month?
  139. Harley---TBA?
  140. Oh I almost forgot RE: PS3 tommorow
  141. European TPA v1.03 patch released (inc. new Trophies)
  142. we never ever gettin' no dlc
  143. Multiball-Glitch on every Table and Black-Hole-Glitch
  144. PS3 Pinball Arcade in 3D
  145. curious about leaderboard high scores?
  146. Table Pack 6 coming tomorrow!
  147. Hurry! Bobby is answering questions!!
  148. Where's patch 2.0.4 ?
  149. PS3 Version 2.0.4 (NA) Bugs & Feedback
  150. Elvira and Gofers just went LIVE !
  151. elvira, another FUZZY machine
  152. Fixable undesireables....
  153. How do yuo get the skillshoy in NGG?
  154. New Store design is up 29 MB
  155. No Good Gofers on TPA (PS3) What are your thoughts?
  156. Twilight Zone THIS MONTH???
  157. Bug Elvira and the Party Monsters
  158. please redo the scoreboards for elvira and ngg
  159. Scoreboard question (offline leaderboard)
  160. For the love of God! (bug frustrations)
  161. What happened to the thread Table PAck 5 tomorrow?
  162. PS3 - Request Table Pack Creatures/Black Knight missing from new PS3 Store Still!?
  163. Pack #5 Initial Thoughts...
  164. can't hit 'carry passengers' when lit on taxi!!!
  165. Is it possible to have 2 network accounts on 1 machine?
  166. PS3 - Bug I thought the flipper lag was fixed. Why is it still here?
  167. Black Knight.... Anyone else finding the PS3 version extremely difficult??
  168. So....about those ball skins..
  169. Twilight Zone Pics released
  170. I'm Not Really Having "Bug" Problems - Anyone else in the same boat?
  171. PS3 Version 2.05 Available Now (NA) (Feedback Thread)
  172. PS3 Version 2.05 (NA) Bugs
  173. 2.0.5 Plunger Changes
  174. Why don't we get patch notes?
  175. "When good flippers go bad"
  176. Latest update
  177. I hate that bumper in CFTBL so much!!!
  178. Table Pack #7 is now... [NOT] live on PSN Store.. What happened here?
  179. Live catching
  180. So when is table pack #7 coming?
  181. Want free access to Beta like Android!
  182. I'm having a weird issue with the ball phsyics and friction.
  183. Does your wireless Sixaxis controller unpause the game for you?
  184. Bug Camera settings for player 2 not saving
  185. PS3 - Request "Cross-Controller" will this be supported?
  186. psn store updating Monday 12/24 and Monday 12/31 due to holidays
  187. great support system
  188. Freezing the PS3
  189. PS3 - Request Scared Stiff- when is it coming
  190. Lower sound than my other games
  191. PS3 - Request PS3 Question....
  192. predict the date we get new dlc
  193. Request Integrate PS3 /PS Vita control DMD display
  194. When do you think we'll get DLC? (Revised Ed.)
  195. Pro versions of the Pinball acrade
  196. New Title Update and DLC Approved?
  197. Twilight Zone Kickstarter Redemption
  198. Continued delays are *really* beginning to irritate me.
  199. 1.04 version is out for PSN EU - game crashed on startup
  200. PS3 Version 2.07 (NA) Feedback And Discussion
  201. Any word on when the game ending (when locking balls) glitches will be fixed?
  202. PS4 Announcement Feb. 20th?
  203. TZ out in a few days!! Will we get the real version right away?
  204. Breaking News - Starwars Pinball Announced by Zen
  205. What time will TZ be out and is EU PSN getting it today?
  206. Bug Twilight Zone Bug
  207. Codes a-Plenty!
  208. PS3 - Bug Twilight Zone Common Issues and Workarounds
  209. Bug Twlight Zone (PS3) standard goal - Score a Gumball Combo not registering
  210. Free custom ball skin promised for PS3
  211. big shot in a few days... finally the wait is over!
  212. Big Shot and Scared Stiff disappeared from in-game menu?
  213. PS3 - Request TZ artwork issues...
  214. Elvira Scared Stiff - Need help getting "Save a ball with The Spell" standard goal
  215. Free $10 Playstation Store Credit
  216. PS3 - Bug Scared Stiff wizard goal What am I missing?
  217. Medieval Madness Pro-pack fixed Dragon return
  218. Bug Elivira: Scared Stiff - Plunger Cam Sticks during Monster Muliball. :(
  219. Bug Scores
  220. Any chance to see TPA GOTY edition one day ?
  221. PSN: Get $10 For Every $50 Spent
  222. star trek: tng
  223. Why am I not enjoying Twilight Zone table??
  224. Dates for Star Trek and Attack From Mars posted on Facebook
  225. Star Trek: TNG Kickstarter Codes
  226. Do you have to pay for the core game to play Twilight Zone?
  227. PS3 (NA) Version 2.08 And 2.09 Feedback And Discussion
  228. Bought STTNG, game does not recognize it as purchased
  229. Bug Star Trek: TNG bug thread
  230. Extreme slowdown and 720p problems
  231. I have got the date for Attack from Mars.
  232. Some comments from a casual player
  233. To those with bum codes
  234. Thoughts on Attack From Mars (PS3)
  235. An apology to Farsight and this board (flipper lag)
  236. Sony EU cross-buy issue
  237. The wizard scores for the early-era tables needs to be lowered.
  238. Plunger Strength, Has it Been Changed?
  239. when's the upcoming DLC coming up? I want to Doctor the Dude w/ fire POWAH!
  240. So, help me play better on Cirqus Voltaire
  241. Is there a way to turn off the internet auto-connection at game over?
  242. Sneaky new flipper physics
  243. An Apology To FS, Gordon Lacey and all Pinball Arcade Members
  244. No new table pack april 17th
  245. Bobby King Interview 2 (PS3)
  246. when are we going to be able to tournament?
  247. Is Pinball Arcade's "Black Knight" version same as 2008's Williams Pinball Classics'?
  248. So next Tuesday is the end of April... (Table Pack #11)
  249. Tournament!!!
  250. Tournament Problem