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  1. PC - Request Customizable Menu Controls
  2. PC - Request Full Range for Analog Nudging/Bumping
  3. PC Release news
  4. Contact Valve To Request The Pinball Arcade On Steam...DIRECT LINK ENCLOSED!
  5. PC - Request PC wish list
  6. 2 Screen Support with Real DMD?
  7. Vote on this requested game to put this game up on GOG.
  8. PC - Request If you build it, they will come ... If you come, I will build it ...
  9. pc release?
  10. Minor news blip from the FB comments re: PC version
  11. Forget Steam, hello Windows 8
  12. PC - Request Farsight, please put TPA on Steam Greenlight!
  13. Request Nvidia 3d Vision Support
  14. since its so far behind
  15. My option on PC version. (Desktop / Cabinet versions)
  16. Steam: Pinball Arcade Fans Group
  17. First wave of XBOX Live games in Windows 8 include....
  18. Pro Pinball®: Revived & Remastered
  19. First person to get TPA on PC > cabinet wins...
  20. General questions
  21. Gamersgate to the rescue!
  22. Request Beta of Pinball Arcade for PC?
  23. TPA for Virtua-Pin or something similar?
  24. Steam / Valve - Mystery Solved?
  25. Full Gamepad Support for Steam version?
  26. Does the Steam version will support SteamPlay?
  27. a futile effort?
  28. finnally got a new pc. when will we see this on pc?
  29. Windows RT
  30. PC release for Kickstarter Supporters
  31. It's March..
  32. It's April
  33. Wondering which demos will be available in PC
  34. Congrats on getting Greenlit on Steam!
  35. Details on PC Cabinet support for TPA
  36. Will these be all new builds, or ports of existing versions?
  37. any one from farsite answer this.
  38. Oculus Rift Support??
  39. PC - Request Steamwork Features
  40. It's August (Designated Complaint Area)
  41. Any videos for the PC version?
  42. Portrait mode on PC? (Update: Now Available)
  43. Thank you for this fantastic game!
  44. Why releasing this game in september?
  45. 1360x768?
  46. system requirements
  47. So excited for the PC STEAM release!! Just purchased a new monitor for THIS GAME!
  48. Any idea on pricing for the PC version ?
  49. Will the PC version support HIGH RESOLUTIONS like 1920x1080 for HD monitors?
  50. STEAM account names
  51. what's the name...
  52. Will the Intel 4000 intergrated GPU work or not work with the pc version of TPA
  53. Modding TPA
  54. PC Beta
  55. Which Table Packs at Release?
  56. i cannot obtain my pinball arcade beta code for steam
  57. What color will the NEON-TUBE be on Circus Voltaire PC version?
  58. So? Can we expect this game to be released soon?
  59. Just to get familiarized PC Version
  60. Manuals
  61. The long this game takes to get a release..the more people are waiting for XMas sale.
  62. Excitement is gone on TPA Steam forum now, just frustration.
  63. "Steam Box" and TPA: Perfect match?
  64. Can we expect a release this week or next Monday?
  65. Designated Complaint Area: PC Release Timeframe
  66. Farsight in the Process of Ordering Virtual Pinball Cabinet!!!!
  67. :) :) :) November 1st!
  68. Buy PC version or PS3 version?
  69. About buying tables..
  70. A Dummies Guide for playing TPA on Steam. Also, I need controller help.
  71. abailable at launch?
  72. PC Beta gone Kapuuts?
  73. How does the PC version compare graphically to the IOS version
  74. Table Pack 19?
  75. PC hardware's "screen rotation" to Portait mode feature, with TPA
  76. Important
  77. Where do I get my non-Beta key for Twilight Zone Kickstarter?
  78. Request Valve Anti-Cheat System
  79. RU region Price Guide for FarSight
  80. Controllers? Keyboard? Configurable?
  81. Purchases will be handled strictly within The Pinball Arcade - why?
  82. It's out! (PC Initial Release Discussion And Feedback)
  83. Bug PC Version 1.19.6 Bugs
  84. Cabinet mode table packs
  85. Is there a button/flipper delay or is it just me?
  86. PC - Request Sound Options?
  87. Request Shuffle the table menu after 15-20 seconds.
  88. Fixed keyboard configuration help needed!
  89. Request Start tables using a command line (allow options like starting with Operator mode)
  90. Custom Balls Not Showing up.
  91. Thank you !
  92. Our community is the best!
  93. Resetting a table?
  94. If you're experiencing flipper delay in TPA PC version, please read this.
  95. Performance not as good as expected (GTX 570, i7 2600K@4 ghz 16GB ram)
  96. Missing the old room from PHOF: Williams Collection
  97. Help needed for dummie on PC
  98. How do you see what a custom ball looks like in the buy menu?
  99. Request Steam Leaderboards
  100. Very pleased with the control options
  101. Login problems
  102. Graphics: PS3 vs. PC
  103. Season Pack Questions
  104. PC Version 1.19.4 Discussion & Feedback
  105. Question about v-sync, lag and game-speed
  106. How to turn off VIBRATION on gamepad??
  107. Using DualShock controller via USB with PC?
  108. Cabinet rotation
  109. Scared Stiff Pro
  110. Screenshots of all the instructions in a doc would be so nice
  111. Nudge?
  112. Anyway we can get some non-n64 textures for the area outside of the pinball table?
  113. A couple questions regarding Steam and the Farsight login system
  114. Account names Question.
  115. Theater of Magic £6.49?
  116. Higher Quality AA For Nvidia Cards [Guide]
  117. Regarding Steam payments and Installing / Re-installing into another PC
  118. Questionable performance on my pc
  119. Can't find pro menu for some tables
  120. Pro mode not on all tables, that's misleading.
  121. PC - Bug Pro version of Medieval Madness "downgraded" after buying Season Pack 1
  122. Quasi-Portrait Mode Using Window
  123. Debug Mode?
  124. Will this computer give TPA all the bells & whistles for now & in future?
  125. Can more than One account be made for pinball Arcade?
  126. Bug Slowdown During Scared Stiff Coffin/Monster Multiball (But Not Crate Multiball!)
  127. Should Pro Mode Settings Be Saved After You Exit/Reenter Game?
  128. Steam Trading Cards
  129. Exiting the main screen
  130. PC - Request Pay twice for different platforms?
  131. Request 2nd Monitor/Movable DMD
  132. Help needed, why can't I run Pinball on my laptop
  133. Request Backglass view
  134. 1usd=1eur
  135. PC - Request Friend leaderboards?
  136. Surface Pro 2 Question
  137. AMD Display Driver dramatically better than with TPA
  138. Worth bothering with Intel HD3000 ?
  139. PC Version works in excellent 3D with Nvidia 3D Vision and with Oculus Rift w VorpX
  140. Controlls lags!
  141. Request Possibility to add favorite tables, or customize "My Tables" content
  142. After Operator menu changes, best way to restore TPA for PC back to FS default?
  143. Has anyone had Steam achievements fail to unlock?
  144. New patch?
  145. PC Version 1.19.6 Discussion & Feedback
  146. Least specifics to run TPA at max settings
  147. Bug Star Trek TNG - Seam at center of table
  148. Shift keys as a default flipper keys and the issue of hitting shift key 5 times
  149. I supported TZ Kickstarter, will I get a discount on a season pack?
  150. Pinball Arcade Portrait Mode Launcher
  151. Steam's DLC tab/packs not showing
  152. Request True bug tracker?
  153. Individual Tables in Steam Store
  154. All controls frozen after entering my initials; am I doing something wrong?
  155. PP fix for AMD gpus
  156. My portrait mode setup for TPA (fake mini cab)
  157. Question relating to Steam Window Size/Position?
  158. How low can you go? Running Pinball Arcade on low-end PCs.
  159. Pinball Arcade DOES run on Linux. (under WINE)
  160. Staged flippers
  161. Graphical Comparison
  162. Leadeboards
  163. steam and windows 8.1
  164. Too easy tables (PC version)
  165. Tables shifted to the right in portrait?
  166. Request Multiplayer mode, shared screen, spectator functionality
  167. hot sticky keys windows 8.1
  168. Elvira And The Party Monsters - Camera Angle Problem...
  169. PC - Bug No pro menu after buying pro season
  170. Cabinet: Starting Pinball Arcade with HyperPin
  171. Request PC/Steam Beta
  172. Why are some of the tables pink?
  173. PC - Request Can we upgrade the textures?
  174. PC - Request Missing features - PC port
  175. Portrait Mode-DMD blocking upper playfield of some tables
  176. Dip switches in Pro Mode will not get saved?
  177. Goals & Wizard Goals
  178. Table Of The Month Question
  179. Room Brightness - where is it ?
  180. Death saves are possible
  181. FX-Sound Quality is bad
  182. Bug PC Version 1.20.4 Bugs
  183. PC Version 1.20.4 Discussion And Feedback
  184. Upper playfield flipper mapping for Black Knight.
  185. pinball videos on steam
  186. Portrait Centering: Flippers or Playfield?
  187. Adjust steepness / pitch?
  188. default sound settings
  189. Bug El Dorado Flippers Not Working
  190. Tournaments?
  191. Where are the Hall of Fame Scores?
  192. Has anyone heard if the Pro-Packs will be a part of the Steam sale?
  193. Request Some way of showing relative leaderboard position
  194. First and 2nd Flippers?
  195. Friends leaderboard for Steam/PC
  196. Joypad Deadzones
  197. Simple Static Backglass Homebrewed App
  198. Play TPA in 3D for free
  199. Plunger issues with controller
  200. Pro Menu issues
  201. where is the "manual" button ??
  202. Suggestion to improve the DLC structure
  203. Ball Control Question
  204. Gamepad
  205. Farsight not charging extra for cabinet version
  206. How to skip anoying steam window before TPA launch?
  207. Just purchased season 2 and everything is greyed out!
  208. Slow Play
  209. Do I have to have every table installed?
  210. Steam Cloud option?
  211. upgrading to pro
  212. Season 3 released on Steam
  213. Can't launch configuration utility v. 1.21.2
  214. Bug PC Version 1.21.3 Bugs
  215. PC Version 1.21.3 Discussion and Feedback
  216. Any hope some high (hacker's) scores will be erased?
  217. request rotate option in config menu
  218. Steam Achievement Suggestions
  219. Let's have a tournament?
  220. Ok..question
  221. Request Texture question
  222. timeframe on dx11
  223. Purchasing Problem
  224. A few (more) basic questions
  225. Is it possible to play TPA on 2 pc's at the same time and if so, how ?
  226. Can anyone recommend a decent gamepad? Xbox 360 gamepad seems a bit crap.
  227. Duo Pinball controller CAN be made to work on a Windows tablet
  228. Back button in menu
  229. Animated Rollover Switches Possible?
  230. How to get more than 60 fps in-game?
  231. Pro or No?
  232. Fuzzy fliers?
  233. pls stop post topics with Steam Sale requests
  234. Fraps/Overwolf video capture league/leaderboards/tournies.
  235. Launch without configuration utility?
  236. Why do I have 3 camera views at Start and 1 more when playing ?
  237. XP vs Windows 7 & 8
  238. DirectX 11 support
  239. Trading Cards issue?
  240. Timeframe on DX11 (Side Debate on the Effects of Piracy)
  241. What are "Trading Cards" and what is the use of them ?
  242. Bug High scores and objectives vanished
  243. Request Fake ball reflection texture instead of grey blob
  244. PC - Request Detect touch screen on Windows 8 and adjust UI and controls to use it properly
  245. when will we see the next update?
  246. PC - Request Event camera
  247. Bug Black Rose leaderboard bug
  248. Can you get goals on Table of the Month tables?
  249. Backing up goal progression.
  250. PC Version 1.22.7 Discussion and Feedback