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  1. Bug Multiball restart
  2. iOS - Bug Plunger strength inconsistent
  3. Android - Bug Mechanical Sounds Cut Out Randomly
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  10. Harem multiball
  11. That bloody tiger loop
  12. Bug Artwork on the left side of the backbox is backwards
  13. Bug Playfield Sticks Out Of Table Cabinet
  14. Bug *PS3* The pinball is going through the right flipper!
  15. 360 - Bug starting the game with two balls + score for nothing
  16. Bug Genie drops ball straight down the middle
  17. PS3 - Bug Plunger
  18. Bug Ball clips into shooting star
  19. iOS - Bug Can't use Plunger during Defeat the Genie mode.
  20. Bug Left Harem loop not registering at start
  21. TOTAN Tactics and Strategies
  22. Bug Spiral Ramp
  23. PS3 - Bug Main music cutting out after you pause the game
  24. Show us how to get a high score on TotAN!! Post your video!
  25. PS Vita - Bug Camera stuck on the "skill shot view" during rescue
  26. Genie Multiball
  27. A New Cow
  28. Bug Camel Race Wizard Goal Not Awarded
  29. Bug Very Hard Shots Up Center Ramp Exit Back Wall of Playfield
  30. iOS - Bug Extra Ball bulb doesnt light!!
  31. BUG: Ball wont shoot out of bazaar
  32. Frustrating Table...........
  33. Bug After Rescue the princess ...the dmd says Player 1 standby...
  34. PS3 - Bug TotAN - camera problem
  35. PS3 and Vita versions play/feel completely differently
  36. Bug Compilation
  37. ball stucks on right flipper if its comin in fast.
  38. Princess rescued!!
  39. Pro Mode in Arabian Nights
  40. PS3 - Bug Center Lock not working
  41. Lock a ball using right tiger loop
  42. TOTAN in Tournament Mode - Only one award in Bazaar
  43. v6 change?
  44. Change HAREM to a Wizard Goal
  45. Facebook?
  46. PS Vita - Bug During Genie Battle there's no multiball & plunger doesn't work
  47. iOS - Bug Top-most Skill Shot Not Registering
  48. PS3 - Bug Bonus multiplier not granted when smashing the left captive ball?
  49. Bug iOS 6.1.3 Game ending right loop lock
  50. Android - Request Enhanced graphics ? Magic lamp
  51. Bug Ball/Lamp physics on PC
  52. Bug Captive ball (orbs) lights are reversed
  53. Has this game become more difficult recently?
  54. Graphics changed at some point? preferred old look
  55. TOTAN Timed Tournament Tactics and Strategies
  56. Harem and genie stack?
  57. Android - Bug Ghost Ball Goof
  58. My High score is no longer on the leaderboards! :(
  59. Princess
  60. BUG: Left orbit ends up in ramp spiral