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  1. Request Credit Tracking
  2. Request Multiball camera
  3. Request Table mods as unlocks
  4. FarSight Studios representation
  5. Your favorite device/platform?
  6. Request Day/Night modes for all tables
  7. Pinball Arcades hits 1,000,000
  8. The release of outside licensed tables will depend on us
  9. Initial Pricing for Consoles/PC
  10. Reason for changing table view during multiball
  11. Anyone else actually find The Black Hole easy?
  12. The Unofficial Facebook Me Thread
  13. Request Pinball Audits & Settings
  14. Request Physics Demonstration Video
  15. hacked / broken leaderboards
  16. Post scores on Facebook wall?
  17. Request General Wish List Thread
  18. First DLC Tables Confirmed???
  19. New Material From FarSight Coming Soon
  20. Request Room Decorations (unlockable or options)
  21. 100 Active Members And Counting...
  22. *NEW* Pics Posted On The Pinball Arcade's Facebook
  23. Request Backglass Animation / Attract Mode Lighting
  24. FarSight...Can You Please Shed Some Light On The Stern License?
  25. Where to send crash logs?
  26. FarSight Limiting Table Options To iOS And Android Platforms
  27. Video Of First Two DLC Tables
  28. Tweaking Ball Physics
  29. FarSight...Please Update Your Video
  30. Is Farsight modeling LEDs or incandescent bulbs?
  31. Questions On The Pinball Arcade's Facebook Wall Already Answered Here
  32. Pinball Skills Website
  33. ***REPORT***The Pinball Arcade Sent To Microsoft And Sony For Approval
  34. To Mike Reitmeyer: Question on influences
  35. Pinball arcade thread at Neogaf
  36. @FarSight Regarding Releasing Two DLC Tables A Month
  37. Lost high scores
  38. Question about backgrounds
  39. Bug The Machine : Bride Of Pinbot - Loud Sound When The Ball Hits The Bumpers
  40. @FarSight...We Want Videos Of TPA From The Texas Pinball Festival
  41. Do you think the Death Save is cheating or just part of the game?
  42. Texas pinball festival
  43. Tips on nudging? (accelerometer)
  44. Cab Owners With A PS3 or 360 Come Here
  45. Latest NEWS And INFORMATION On FarSight Studios' The Pinball Arcade
  46. Pinball Arcade Debuts at the Texas Pinball Festival
  47. Request @FarSight...Live Stream From The Texas Pinball Festival
  48. Watching FarSight's HD YouTube Video Uploads On Xbox 360 and PS3
  49. Request FarSight...Implementing Ball Drop Sound Is A Must
  50. Texas Pinball Festival Reactions and Comments!
  51. Can someone please tell me what "floaty" means?
  52. Are slingshot really this annoying?
  53. **NEW** Trailer Of The Pinball Arcade Showcasing NEW Lighting On Four Launch Tables
  54. Ball size/scaling
  55. @FarSight...For Proper Lighting Reference, See Funhouse On Williams PHOF
  56. Request Sound Options
  57. Request Camera Angles/Options
  58. IGN Review
  59. Request Championship settings difficulty
  60. Request Score Rollover Recognition
  61. Pinballs no longer flying off the table?
  62. What technical/presentation issues would you like to see fixed in future releases?
  63. Why is the Death Save (Bang Back) considered illegal?
  64. Just cannot get over the lack of high resolution textures. Comparison shoots inside!!
  65. Pinball Tips For Newbies
  66. How Will The Menu Change After We Have Lots Of Tables?
  67. Bug Ball Flies Through Flippers
  68. Fast,Noisy and Bright?
  69. Today's PA Newsletter email!
  70. New DLC Tables for PS3/XBOX? When and how often?
  71. Should FarSight relaunch an open BETA for TPA?
  72. Time to clean up a bit?
  73. Will we ever get software settings for the machines that had them in real life?
  74. Resolution and "screenshots"
  75. PS3 or Xbox 360
  76. The ball...
  77. your favorite camera angle
  78. Hidden Message In TPA?
  79. Slow to appeal Tables - now favorites.
  80. Sore wrists! Arrrrrgh
  81. A view to victory ....
  82. Multiplayer online set up
  83. How can we change our AVATAR here?
  84. Forum High Scores? (thread, profile linked, tournaments etc.)
  85. Sound
  86. ROM emulation, why is it so important?
  87. What's so special about a SPECIAL?
  88. Request Extras from collections
  89. Thanks Farsight!!
  90. What's Cabinet Support?
  91. PS3 Death Save on Black Hole
  92. Another IGN failure!
  93. @FarSight...Where's Tina Fey's Lines/Voice On Medieval Madness...Using Different ROM?
  94. Determining "Ball Saved"?
  95. How Many People On Your Friends List Currently Own The Pinball Arcade
  96. Official Twilight Zone News
  97. Is there enough market for a special controller?
  98. Finally!...The Multi-Ball Camera Can Be Toggled On/Off
  99. Bug Tables With More Than Two Flippers Have Uneven Or Loud Flipper Sounds
  100. When To Nudge Table?
  101. Examine the play field.
  102. Is it my telly or the game?
  103. Here's The Reason Why You Have To Re-Download Tables With Every Update
  104. Table graphics since latest update...awesomer?
  105. Websites Getting The Word Out On The Twilight Zone Kickstarter Project
  106. Request Day and night playing view
  107. Request Include an option to make the tables more vibrant
  108. Request Pro tables?
  109. Request Tournament mode for each table
  110. All that coin
  111. General Illumination
  112. Request A Modest Proposal for Touchscreen Nudging on Tablets
  113. Request Challenge Mode
  114. @FarSight...Please Remove The Sound Overlapping The ROM Sound When Entering Initials
  115. FarSight Should Have Gone To E3 This Year And Unveiled Four High Profile Tables
  116. Q&A with Bobby King: Round 1
  117. Anybody play CV for a while then play TotAN?
  118. I hope they go after other licenced tables instead of Addams Family...
  119. Tpa front page
  120. Real Life Pinball Comparisons
  121. I have a stupid idea - Sound Board
  122. Request Improve the audio quality of each table
  123. Consensus on high scores?
  124. Request Hold off the DLC & fix the bugs
  125. Star Trek: The Next Generation Kickstarter Stretch News!
  126. What about some of the late Gottlieb (Premier) tables?
  127. How can messing with the operator's menu screw the game up?
  128. I don't see the Playstation Vita Pinball arcade DLC 1 coming June 12
  129. Zoom - in addition to Camera angles
  130. Looking for someone planning on competing at PAPA
  131. Update for Vita is Live
  132. Williams Pinball Classics by System 3 (what?!!!)
  133. Request Notes Toward a More Competent "Call Attendant" Feature
  134. Request Actual, offical doc. with breakdown of TZ $55k licensing costs, signatures.
  135. TPA versions pluses and minuses
  136. Jackbot Northwest Pinball Final via Widescreen display. Lighting FS should aim for?
  137. A DLC free month to fix the bugs?
  138. Tables that will never get licensed
  139. Buy in Beta Testing Anyone?
  140. The Next Kickstarter - A Request Thread
  141. Request Fully locked camera
  142. Request please let us choose the language
  143. End User License Agreement For The Pinball Arcade Application
  144. Bug Music Overlap on Tables
  145. Bug Music loop playback gap issues
  146. Why the low resolution flyers?
  147. Wizard Goals Plus
  148. Request Splitscreen Multiplayer
  149. Drop Stop
  150. Pinging Jake - Nudge suggestion
  151. The Future of TPA
  152. Nintendo Life's Interview With FarSight President Jay Obernolte
  153. Bug Cross Platform leaderboard bug
  154. Wow... I had no idea how important nudging is.
  155. If FS is after authenticity, why the rule changes?
  156. Is there a comprehensive list of pinball "firsts"?
  157. Polygons
  158. The Pinball Arcade table lighting depending on the time of day?? Can this be?
  159. CV colors and XBOX curious
  160. So...has TPA changed your opinion of any tables (for better or worse)?
  161. Round 2: Q & A With Bobby King Answers
  162. Bug Ball warping to a different level
  163. Request Let us see Standard Goals after they're completed...
  164. Why not available in Asia
  165. Safe nudging. Tablets
  166. How can I improve my Pinball skills?
  167. Standard and Wizard Table Goals Master List & Hall of Fame Scores
  168. Request Info on ROM emulation
  169. The William's Pinball Hall of Fame VS The Pinball Arcade Graphic Comparisons
  170. Request New "Launch" button position is really awkward on large-screen portable devices
  171. Farsight, look what you have done!
  172. I don't understand my friend
  173. Request Pinball Arcade Interface - Time for an overhaul?
  174. Request Intro videos
  175. Links to Tutorial Videos and Rulesheets
  176. Pinball Easter Eggs
  177. Nudging on PS3 and Rom Setup Menu
  178. This Looks Like A Very Strange Table
  179. Now Hiring
  180. Bug Leaderboards
  181. Request 3 things need to include in TPA
  182. Official Google+ Page?
  183. Pinball Arcade Logo
  184. Do you do this?
  185. Caps (still and video) of new CFTBL/BK tables (plus a bonus)
  186. Request Make TPA an OUYA launch day title
  187. Request We need 2-stage or analog flipper control on games with upper flippers
  188. Request New DMD color and lighting
  189. PS3 - Bug Local Highscores Board & HUD Issue, and Score Saving Issue
  190. TPA featured on RetroGaming Radio (July 2012)
  191. How many virtual quarters did you spend today?
  192. Request Make call attendent fix lost balls as well
  193. A Year or Two from Now......
  194. Bug TPA Flipper Bug Confirmed
  195. Bug FarSight Leaderboards
  196. Too much In-Your-FaceBook
  197. Should FS release a retail TPA game??
  198. Probably a stupid question.
  199. Are These Flasher Effects Better Than FS Current Method?
  200. Um, if Zen can do this, I want FarSight to too!
  201. data East - no support?
  202. FarSight - tell us something about the licensing
  203. Password reset page does not work.
  204. Pinball Arcade Chat Room
  205. Question about pricing model
  206. poor approach to leaderboards
  207. So how many tables in all?
  208. Addicted to the clicking sounds
  209. Round 3: Q & A With Bobby King: Answers
  210. The State of Financials
  211. Request Mirror Mode
  212. Tournament Mode for all Plattforms scheduled?
  213. [Kickstarter] What's a fair price to ask non-kickstarter punters for ST:TNG and TZ?
  214. IGN Table Review Article not updated.....
  215. The Pinball Arcade Wiki
  216. Question about hypothetic future kickstarter
  217. Hall of Fame Scores
  218. More closeups?
  219. Got any pics for the new DLC pack? (#5)
  220. When the ball hits the top of one of the slingshots...
  221. XBox360 vs PS3 vs iPad3
  222. Which tables are worth buying
  223. Which Camera Angle or View Do You Think is Most Authentic?
  224. New consoles on the horizon - where does that put TPA?
  225. Multiball Ghost-Ball Collisions
  226. Reset the leader boards?
  227. Request Sounds
  228. PAX Prime 2012
  229. Kickstarter progress
  230. Bug Table incorrectly marked as having standard goals completed
  231. PC - Request Obsessive Simulation - Coin Slot
  232. Original Pinball Games and Impossible Physics
  233. Any chance of recreating newer Stern Pinball Tables?
  234. Would anyone else like a "Random Table" Option?
  235. What is a "Pro" Table?
  236. Retro v Modern
  237. Dlc #5
  238. Backglass DMD
  239. Random Tales of Glory...and Woe
  240. That first ball sucked. Yeah, restart.
  241. Happiness is....
  242. Where are all the tables?
  243. FarSight - Thank You!
  244. Erasing score?
  245. TPA Tutorial Videos?
  246. Request Post ideas for the BALL COLOR SKINS
  247. Request Favorites vs. AllGames menu needed
  248. Request Idea for those useless credits/free games
  249. FarSight's pins
  250. A shoutout to TPA and pinball in general on Joystiq