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  1. Android - Bug Super Skill-shot bug
  2. Android - Bug Missing Drawbridge Texture
  3. Android - Bug A bit of everything really....
  4. Android - Bug Four Red Flashers Toward Top Of Playfield Not Working
  5. Android - Bug Table stayed in plunger view
  6. Cost on Android?
  7. Tina Fey voiceovers on Medieval Madness?
  8. MM Sound Trivia
  9. iOS - Bug Couple of bugs that were present in the Android version remain in iOS
  10. LAYOUT ISSUE : Flippers Are A Little Too Far Apart
  11. Flipper passing during multiball
  12. iOS - Bug Multiball launcher glitch (video)
  13. Bug Playfield Lights Go Off-Center When Viewing From The Lowest Cam
  14. Bug Posts Are Invisible When Viewed Through Clear Plastic
  15. Strategy for wrecking the castles
  16. Bug Right ramp returns perfect shots at times
  17. iOS - Bug Destroy Castle sending the ball through the castle lock instead
  18. Attention Farsight - Right ramp speed needs tweaking
  19. iOS - Bug Medieval Madness NOT posting my score
  20. iOS - Bug Dragon ramp gate stays open
  21. Bug Dragon Ramp ball teleport
  22. MM overrated?
  23. Battle of the Kingdom strategy - advice needed
  24. Trapped ball glitching through drawbridge
  25. Medieval Madness Tutorial Video
  26. Bug Service Report indicator (in dot matrix) for a right ramp diverter fault?
  27. Bug Left and Right Ramps missing (the physics of the) plastic ramp return guides.
  28. Bug Ball has a tendency to get stuck on the drawbridge.
  29. Medieval Madness new lighting
  30. The Flippers are Too Far Apart
  31. iOS - Bug Troll bombs used automatically
  32. Favorite MM lines?
  33. Table Easter Eggs, Theme tie-ins, and other tom-foolery
  34. Bug Dragon Ramp return accelerates the ball
  35. FarSight, please don't fix the MM flipper gap "problem"
  36. Bug Dragon ramp not opening for damsel rescue
  37. Bug Merlin's Magic two-balls-in-the-saucer bug
  38. PS3 - Bug When you save a damsel the ball does not go inside the tower
  39. Anyone have tips for beating Video Mode?
  40. Video - Battle for the Kingdom Achievement
  41. PS3 Flashers
  42. Bug Problem With MM or TPA?
  43. Bug MM enter intial screen glitch
  44. PS3 - Bug Castle multiball lock shot doesn't always register
  45. Medieval PS3 Gameplay Video
  46. 360 - Bug Ball gets stuck behind troll
  47. 360 - Bug Dragon model blocks view of rollover lanes
  48. 360 - Skill shot camera?
  49. Request Colour DMD
  50. 360 - Bug 'Destroy 2 castles' goal bug on 2 player
  51. question about the table - shield
  52. What exactly builds your bonus score?
  53. Medieval Madness is TOO HARD
  54. Medieval Madness - video mode
  55. Noooooo....
  56. Medieval Madness Tactics and Strategies
  57. When you least wanted to do BFTK!!
  58. When is going to solve the problems of Medieval Madness?
  59. Bug Android - 4 ball Multiball Madness not registering as Wizard Goal
  60. Ever finished BftK on iOS?
  61. Things that are wrong compared to real game.
  62. Outstanding Bugs?
  63. Barnyard Multiball
  64. Medieval Madness finally gets some attention?
  65. Bug Castle gate hit from left flipper often doesn't register
  66. Pro mode is censored
  67. Where's the lightshow?
  68. a couple things (iOS)
  69. Fix should be coming soon, if iOS users matter to Farsight right?
  70. Question about High scores on MM
  71. Bug?
  72. Have the fixed the flipper gap yet? It still looks awful wide.
  73. Medieval madness Pro
  74. Troll bombs sometimes are NOT used automatically...and other troll bomb anomalities
  75. My strategy for winning the BFTK despite the Troll bomb bug
  76. How many EB can you get from Castle Multiball?
  77. New Catapult Gate?
  78. Question: Is the high scores the only thing saved?
  79. Does the Drawbridge have the guard rails leading to the gate?
  80. iOS - Bug TPA does not register game end when Match Feature is set to: OFF
  81. Tournament Settings: MM-TS
  82. Bug Ball lost (count wrong?) during multiball
  83. Where's my multiball?
  84. castle shots impossible compared to real table
  85. PS4 Video Capture with Commentary -
  86. Royal Madness Extra Balls Question
  87. 11.8b on Xbox One version. Finally got my head around this table.
  88. iOS - Bug Unable to see Skill Shot lanes
  89. Gameplay Video
  90. Bug Flippers are out of whack
  91. iOS - Request Troll bombs on iPad
  92. Bug PC: Castle Hurry up goal won't register
  93. I know MM was recreated by I think Chicago Gaming CO? Was it successfull? RELAUNCH?
  94. PS4 ball "vibrates" or dances in the plunger shoot
  95. question about "family mode"
  96. lights are the wrong color