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  1. Playfield been scanned from an old flyer???
  2. Android - Bug Local highscores issue
  3. Bug Ball is missing
  4. Android - Bug Sometimes camera doesn't switch back to plunger view.
  5. Request Camera view change on Metamorphosis
  6. Android - Bug Choppiness unless HUD is turned off with certain devices.
  7. Android - Bug First eye shot sometimes misses sensor, table cannot recover
  8. Bug Ball stuck in bumpers
  9. Bug 200k Skill Shot Too Easy?
  10. iOS - Bug BoP has no lights in her mouth and eyes
  11. iOS - Bug Scoreboard not quite fixed
  12. iOS - Bug Sound cuts out
  13. IOS: Camera stuck in multiball mode
  14. BoP leaderboard score rolls over at 10 billion
  15. Typo in BOP Table Instructions
  16. Bug 10 MILLION Big Wheel Light Says 10 BILLION?
  17. Dutch Pinball's Bride 2.0
  18. Here comes the bride !!!
  19. Bug Pin Bot Value Lights Are Missing
  20. Standard Goals
  21. Bugs: Wizard Goals, Camera, and High Scores
  22. What did the bride say when you get the ball in her mouth?
  23. What is Pin*Bot saying?
  24. Big heart light flashing?
  25. Old MacDonald easter egg works!
  26. PS Vita First Impressions ...
  27. The Scoring On This Table Is Terribly Unbalanced
  28. Backdoor Billion
  29. PS3 footage including full transformation
  30. Bug Backdoor billion + expired multiball bug
  31. PS3 - Bug >10 billion high score rollover resets to zero
  32. Bug High Score List Incorrect
  33. Bride of Pinball Video
  34. What music plays on the Pinbot playfield?
  35. 360 - Bug Slowdown on head changes
  36. 360 - Bug Stuck Ball in Pinbot Area Leads to Camera Locked on Bride's Face
  37. First ever game on Bride Of Pinbot. 10b and still on first ball.
  38. BOP for ios
  39. 360 - Bug Camera getting stuck on plunger cam after face change on 2 player.
  40. Is this table a bit one-dimensional?
  41. Bug Optical Link
  42. Android - Bug terrible physics controls ball in outlane
  43. Bug game cannot continue if both balls go into skillshot kicker at once
  44. Bride of Pinbot: Tactics and Strategies
  45. TPA vs. the real machine
  46. Request FS Needs to Fix This
  47. Android - Request High Resolution Heart Ramp Textures
  48. Defending the Bride's honour.
  49. Bug High Score #4 won't register
  50. Billion Point Speed-Run
  51. Bug Ball Locked When Lit lamp missing
  52. PS3 - Bug Heart Ramp Skipping
  53. iOS - Bug HUD goes blank intermittently when spinning Big Wheel and making billion shot
  54. Bug Starting Ramp flashlight is not working on IOS Versions
  55. Bug entering initials does not work on IOS
  56. PS3 - Request New here!
  57. Annoying thing that happened (stuck)
  58. Bug Ball gets stuck after partial link up
  59. Request Non-Billionaire Leaderboard
  60. Bug HUD shows Big Wheel award information for a split second and then goes dark
  61. confession BOP
  62. Bug possibly some sounds still missing?
  63. What ROM set is used?
  64. Bug Jet Level goal bugged?
  65. Triple Method Billonaire's Club
  66. iOS - Bug TPA keeps kicking me out...
  67. RUMOR: Second way to get backdoor billion?
  68. Woot - Jumped up about 3500 spots on the PC leaderboard
  69. ROM Version?
  70. A little strategy vid.