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  1. Too easy?
  2. Ball Physics Are Somewhat Floaty And The Table Plays A Little Too Slow
  3. Bug BOOM! pop bumper is set to "replay/match" SFX on solenoid up
  4. Bug Highwire Multiball
  5. Bug Sneaky locks counted as regular Highwire locks
  6. Bug [SGS2] Playfield Inset DMD has horizontal lines on every view angle
  7. iOS - Bug Cam 3 locked & back box flickering
  8. Design BUG Cirqus Voltaire
  9. Bug Mini Targets Looks Stretched
  10. Bug Completion of first Circus round loads multiple balls in the plunger
  11. Bug Slingshot animation not present, like on other tables.
  12. Bug DMD HUD persistence issues.
  13. Bug Neon Multiball Plunger camera sticking
  14. Bug Flipper Shadows Do Not Move With Flippers
  15. Anyone got any outlane nudging tips
  16. reset highscore when changing difficulty
  17. Hee hee hee
  18. Play nice
  19. What's the BOOM pop bumper for?
  20. Bug Wrong music played when first ball is fed into lane.
  21. Different Neon Color On The PS3 Vs iOS
  22. PS3 - Bug game hangs when ball drains
  23. Bug Ball flying out of the table and left ramp clipping
  24. Bug Locked Ball behavior after game finishes.
  25. Request Any comment from Farsight re: outlanes?
  26. Bug Ball stuck in the plunger during multiball
  27. Main Center Ramp Plastic Question
  28. iPad 3 bug
  29. Bug Camera Stays on Plunger After Launch
  30. Hitting The Highwire Ramp Consistently
  31. This table still has camera problems
  32. Canon ball backglass mini game
  33. 360 - Bug Camera Sometimes Attempts to Return to Plunger View During Multiball
  34. Please FarSight, I beg of you...
  35. Bug Ball off table w.o.w
  36. Request Option to turn off the playfield level DMD
  37. CV Tactics and Strategies
  38. Is there some trick to the Ringmaster Hideout wizard goal?
  39. Bug Multiple 360 camera glitches
  40. Bug Unbeatable wizard mode due to Ringmaster head malfunction
  41. Bug Multiple Bugs
  42. Camera Bugs
  43. I had a chance to play the actual Cirqus Voltaire table yesterday
  44. Flipper Gap (PS3)
  45. Bug or feature? Cannon side show + Boom balloon
  46. Cirqus Voiltaire is glitchy as hell
  47. Bug New Game not properly reset
  48. Need advice on Circus Voltaire... Badly!
  49. CV patches
  50. Yo Mama!
  51. Well this is different...
  52. CV ball is ridiculously floaty...
  53. Favorite lines?
  54. You know what really gets under my skin in this table?
  55. Bug How to break the game with a flipper combination
  56. Bug Completing Standard Goals didn't unlock the Cirqus Voltaire Master Trophy (PS3)
  57. Bug A Potential Master List of Bugs, Bugs, Bugs!
  58. Are "Join the Cirqus"/Cirqus Member stats saved to the table?
  59. iOS - Bug Neon Multiball Camera View
  60. Bug Is it still worthwhile to post CV bugs?
  61. Bug Hunt: We Need Your Skill
  62. Marbles?
  63. 1,000 Hall of Fame Points
  64. Bug Gameplay Issues (Cannon Ball, Join the Circus)
  65. Voltaire's surprising Multiple Jackpots
  66. CV bugs break the game
  67. Bug Partial ramp left shot triggers Highwire ball lock without actually locking ball
  68. Bug Judges
  69. I no longer hate this table
  70. Join the Cirqus Wizard Goal
  71. Different Colors?
  72. Bug Judges are now always Adam, Linda, and Keith, and they never change.
  73. CV timed tournament tactics and strategies
  74. Bug CV plunger/ball issue
  75. My new favorite table
  76. Cirqus Voltaire glitch on Xbox One
  77. Cirqus Voltaire needs graphic update
  78. Sideshow missing Copy Cat?
  79. 360 - Bug Bugs
  80. Backglass Cannon
  81. DX 11 mode making CV very, VERY laggy?
  82. Took a long break from Pinball Arcade, I'm back, God I love this table!!
  83. Android - Bug Bug: Shooter lane camera does not go to shooter lane after balls are locked
  84. May 2017 Retuned Version - First Impressions