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  1. Favorite Rudy line?
  2. Bug Cabinet Inside Color
  3. Several sound and wall bugs
  4. Funhouse skill shot
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  6. Just scored 96 million!!!
  7. I'm not allowed to ever buy a real Funhouse
  8. I want to throw a chair through this machine's glass!
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  10. Got the "4-way combo" goal...
  11. Chances of a drain
  12. Bug Overlapping music tracks
  13. For being such an iconic table...
  14. PS3 - Bug Wind Tunnel Mystery Mirror Text Does Not Show
  15. Bug Right flipper post transfer
  16. Rudy Spitting Ball Down Left Outlane
  17. Wrong sound playing?
  18. Bug ball gone!!
  19. Bug Ball Exits Side of Rudy's Head
  20. Bug Rudy Hit/Gulp Turns into Plunger Launch
  21. Fun Youtube vid I made comparing PS2 Funhouse and PS3 TPA versions
  22. Standard Goals - what are they?
  23. Mac version is out
  24. Raise your hand if...
  25. Steps Ramp Comparison to Williams Collection and Suggestion
  26. So what are your highest achievements on this game?
  27. Bug "Light Extra Ball from Gangway" Goal Not Awarded If Extra Ball Is Already Lit
  28. Mystery Mirror
  29. Bug Ball drain behind upper flipper
  30. Most Frustrating Game Ever
  31. Scoop eject much too easy/needs new flipper rubber?
  32. 360 - Bug Funhouse. 464m. Ball one. No balls inplay or by plunger. Call attendant not working.
  33. Bug Crazy Steps ramp not diverting to second plunger
  34. Request We need a zoom on the Crazy Steps
  35. 31 Rudy Hits, yet no Sausage Bonus?
  36. 360 - Bug A few bugs noticed while playing Fun House (too much!)
  37. Bug Rudy spits ball down the outlane at multiball start
  38. Funhouse Tactics and Strategies
  39. Have you ever wondered....
  40. Bug: Red (Extra Ball) Mirror Light Doesn't Light Properly (PS3)
  41. Bug: unused balls from hidden hallway lock problems
  42. Bug? Rudy calling the player Biff......
  43. 399 million ... time to say goodbye to rudy
  44. bug of the 'game ender' variety
  45. PS3 - Bug Display blinking bug?
  46. Request Fix the disappearing ball!
  47. Bug Ball rides "step ramp ghost rail" from gangway shot
  48. Art needs improvement on Android
  49. Looping for trapdoor more difficult - has the sound/visual changed.
  50. gangway question...
  51. Instructions error...
  52. iOS - Bug When starting a new game after just finishing one
  53. Bug PS3 - Plunger can't be pulled back all the way
  54. Hack to see the ball under the ramp (and make that "impossible" trapdoor shot)
  55. Skill Shot Goal
  56. Rudy Gulp Goal
  57. I Played This for an Hour Straight Last Night - That Should Not Happen!
  58. Android - Bug Can't plunge in Funhouse
  59. PAPA gives Farsight a shout out
  60. Funhouse thoughts
  61. Funhouse 2 ball juggle
  62. 1.6b on the Xbox One version.
  63. Bug Funhouse - Not so fun sometimes. But it could be!
  64. Surprisingly Good
  65. Can't hit that darn loop!
  66. PC - Request FunHouse: what is the real use of the "upper flipper control" setting?
  67. Request FunHouse: What is the folder with a number left bottom?
  68. Request Disabling and enabling Tilt feature may stop registering scores in the leaderboards?
  69. Bug FunHouse: the Tilt functionality keep on being disabled even if it is set on enabled!