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  1. Bug Parts Of The Lower Playfield Missing
  2. Bug Various Camera problems
  3. Bug Right Bride Ramp Entrance Physics
  4. Who's lost a ball watching the DMD?
  5. Lyman's Lament
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  7. Bug Slingshot Posts Missing
  8. Bug Outlane special does not tick off Wizard goal
  9. How does Phantom Flip work? (General MB question)
  10. Monster Bash - Concert Hall Scoop received a brand new solenoid in 1.1.4
  11. Monster Bash needs graphic update
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  13. Bug Audio Issues (iOS)
  14. The outlanes are killing me...
  15. iOS - Bug Some minor physics bugs on MB
  16. Bug Monsters of Rock bug! D:
  17. Ingame strategy : what do you do in this case ?
  18. MB Tactics and Strategies
  19. Monster Bash's original title?
  20. Mosh pit super jackpot help
  21. so is this table especially high scoring/easy?
  22. Monster Bash slingshot power too high??
  23. Bug 360 highscore gets occassionally wiped
  24. Ball has no weight at all
  25. Monster Bash ( iOS ) camera angles
  26. MB voice samples and music, are some missing from ios version?
  27. Will Monster Bash Frankie close up return?
  28. PS3 - Bug Multi Player Notification Does not Appear
  29. The "Igor" toy is horrible..
  30. Bug Lyman's Lament - Goofy Results and Goal not Registering
  31. Bug Monster Bash Pop Bumper Skirts totally missing.
  32. Are they not planning on resetting the leaderboards?!?
  33. Does Anyone Know ?
  34. Live from Transylvania....
  35. Darn you PSN Network!!!
  36. slow to repond right flipper
  37. IPDB #3 WTFudge??
  38. Phantom Flip
  39. Rock before Bash
  40. Bug Monster Bombs buggy just like MM's Troll Bombs
  41. Dracula Target Comments
  42. iOS - Bug Missing Slingshot Posts
  43. Bug Collect the Special
  44. PS Vita - Bug DMD/backglass problem since the EU super patch
  45. Bug Creature from Black Lagoon / Gill Man Progress Lights
  46. Bug Frankenstein Multiball breaks game
  47. iOS - Bug Backglass shows DMD instead of actual art
  48. Played this for the first time
  49. 360 - Bug Stuttering Ball
  50. Bug Game crashes when scoring 1B+ points
  51. Score Challenge: Lyman's Lament