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  1. Bug Initial Entry Screen
  2. Share your first impressions!
  3. Bug Ball rolls through right flipper
  4. Bug Ball gets stuck under right flipper
  5. Notes & bugs...
  6. iOS - Bug New game is not completely reset
  7. How many songs are you hearing?
  8. Android - Bug >10 billion high score rollover resets to zero
  9. Bug Ball plunged into right outlane
  10. Bug Creature ramp is missing the right-hand wall of the ramp
  11. iOS - Bug CFTBL delates my highscores
  12. Bug Super jackpot achievement doesnt register
  13. Move Your Car mode/Wizard goal
  14. Creature in the wild
  15. CFTBL: Tactics and Strategies
  16. Video Tutorial - Bit of a boring table?
  17. Android - Bug Just played a real table, a couple things I noticed.
  18. PS3 - Bug Major bug with the multiball multiplier
  19. cfbtl multiball pumps me up!
  20. Leader board not recording scores!
  21. Bug Plunged ball straight into right outlane
  22. Heavy Petting!!
  23. Left ramp still unfixed!?
  24. Bug Score Not Registering
  25. Why no rotc in the ios version?
  26. Bug Ball goes through the right flipper
  27. Are tourney scores over 10bill being rolled over?
  28. Side by side comparison with a real table
  29. Sluggish feeling near the end of the flipper fingers
  30. PS3 - Bug Left side of DMD cut off on backglass.
  31. PS Vita - Bug Unable to use plunger when Ball Save activated
  32. Rock Around the Clock Bug on IOS FIXED
  33. What is the "30 Million" light for?
  34. mobile users who score over 10 billion.
  35. Bug Rubbers present on outlane divider posts. :)
  36. Bug Ball runs during kickin over the left lane without Hold left flipper
  37. Bug Multiball Multiplier doesn't increase on multiple Multiballs on the same ball.
  38. Fatality
  39. iOS - Bug Double feature not working - ramp diverter?