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  2. CV Ramp Problem
  3. TOTAN Issues
  4. PS Vita TOM Sorcerer Issues
  5. PS Vita PS Vita Graphical Problems
  6. Gorgar Missing Rail
  7. 360 Art on backbox mirrored on Theatre and Tales
  8. Android Slingshot Animation Not Present on Some Tables
  9. Android Creature ramp is missing the right-hand wall of the ramp (CLONE)
  10. 360 Screen tearing on Cirqus Voltaire's playfield mounted DMD
  11. iOS MM - Missing decal on drawbridge
  12. PS3 Black hole chrome
  13. PS3 BLACK HOLE boo boo's
  14. PS3 Pinball art
  15. 360 Funhouse Clock Art Issue
  16. iOS Flippers not aligned with yellow dots
  17. 360 Monster Bash Creature Lights Brightness Issue
  18. 360 Light Under-Saturation Issues
  19. Android Rollover Sensor Animations
  20. PS Vita PS Vita Monster Bash table textures ultra low res
  21. iOS MB - Missing chunk of PF
  22. PS3 Chrome rails
  23. Android Taxi Playfield Multipliers
  24. 360 Elvira Scared Stiff
  25. 360 Addams Family likeness question?
  26. Android Vector graphics to remove pixilization?
  27. iOS No Good Goofers art issue
  28. iOS Monster Bash art issue
  29. iOS Any Chance for Glass Reflections?
  30. Scared Stiff Art Issues
  31. The Pinball Arcade Selection screen (a quick review of each!)
  32. Poor quality graphics in Ps Vita
  33. PS3 Muted colors/lighting in some PS3 tables
  34. PS3 TAXI -- far and above, best work yet, just BEAUTIFUL... thank you farsight.
  35. TOTAN chromework
  36. Lets Talk DMD
  37. (Android) Twilight Zone.
  39. iOS shadows and some reflection could be drawn
  40. Twilight Zone Slingshot Art Reversed
  41. Hexagonal bumpers on Creature from the the Black Lagoon on OS X.
  42. Lack of visual consistency
  43. ST: TNG table art
  44. Lighting
  45. Attack from Mars
  46. Genie: Weird boxes around Lights and Playfield objects
  47. PS3 - Ball skins
  48. Overlooked Artist
  49. PS3: Twilight Zone
  50. Ideas for pinball skins?
  51. Playfield reflections - where have they gone?
  52. Table Explore Gaps
  53. Ugly carpet
  54. Ball Skins Out Of Sync?
  55. Dr. Dude
  56. Ball skins now available for purchase!
  57. PC How will the pc graphics look ?
  58. twilight zone - art items missing from master list
  59. Scared Stiff - Coin Return Covers Are Missing
  60. STTNG return of the black splotches
  61. Gorgar: Clear Plastic Missing in Upper Right Playfield
  62. Cirqus Voltaire: Lightning Bolt Missing at Bottom of Neon
  63. PS3 - Big Shot - dark clump of stray pixels below logo
  64. PS3 - UI - table menus: bottom, side of wireform graphic cut off
  65. PS3 - Big Shot - table logo squished vertically in menus
  66. BUG(?): Ball doesn't sit on flipper when trapped.
  67. Inconsistent Camera Settings
  68. Theatre of Magic GI - PS3
  69. Ball shadow on ramps and transparent areas
  70. What's the best way to view backlight art?
  71. Arabian Nights backglass cabinet side art is backwards
  72. Firepower cabinet art skewed and out of place.
  73. Gorgar: White balance horrible Affects gameplay
  74. Android DMD (or LED) Animated Table shown prior to beginning a game does not show.
  75. PS3 WhiteWater Ramps
  76. Kindle Fire HD Cactus Canyon.. What happened here?!?
  77. PS3 Pin*Bot bumpers
  78. Afm m-a-r-t-i-a-n
  79. Android twilight zone - art issue: incomplete playfield texture cleanup job (Android)
  80. (Android) Ripleys RBION - playfield lights indistinguishable
  81. TPA pinball skins, let's give them good names!
  82. Love the modelling they are doing..
  83. Centaur score card does not match TPA settings
  84. PS3 art error on Terminator 2 table
  85. Still a fair amount of older tables without full GI
  86. Android RBION Right slingshot rubber misplacement
  87. Android Victory : illuminated 50 million insert misplaced
  88. Alphanumeric displays on backboard don't animate
  89. Attack from Mars: side plastics look odd when they flash
  90. Custom Ink T-shirt (my avatar)
  91. Space Shuttle - Bumpers not lit
  92. Space Shuttle - Logo obscures menu items
  93. Nit-picks!
  94. Medieval madness - castle flashers - more red needed!
  95. ToM shoot again splash polygonal texture
  96. Whirlwind: Instruction card art error.
  97. Addams Family Bookcase Sticker Over Plastic
  98. Android - No Good Gofers 3D models and art missing in captive ball area
  99. Android Dr dude
  100. Android genie playfield
  101. Ask Me Almost Anything