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  1. Hour long podcast with elvria
  2. Ball drains quickly right after start...
  3. Bug High-Score Entry
  4. Bug Two balls stuck in the BBQ/Boogie hole
  5. EATPM Tactics and Strategies
  6. Ball teleporting from one ramp to another
  7. extra ball question?
  8. Android - Bug Table just stopped / ROM reset
  9. Bug Elivra carrys over to player, and game
  10. need some help getting the Double Slide goal/bonus
  11. PS3 version. 112m. Ball one. 4 extras in reserve. Call attendant not working.
  12. Leader board all wrong???
  13. Bar-B-Q Bonus
  14. PS3 Elvira high scores?
  15. Special wizard goal
  16. PS Vita - Bug Party Punch value: "972, 00"
  17. Hey, I got a decent score - twice!
  18. PS3 - Bug Crash during multiball jackpot AND special lit
  19. Bug Missing Cyclops' "Oh no!" callout
  20. A few short vids from my recent 469m on Xbox One.
  21. Gameplay video
  22. "Don't touch me there" quote missing?