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  1. Bug Ball ejecting near crate
  2. Did she really just say that?
  3. What tables are we hearing on Elvira's T.V. during Match?
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  17. Alright!! Game breaking bugs!!
  18. I'm Gravely seriously "Digging" this table
  19. (PS3) Liking the table a lot but....
  20. "Happy Birthday Alan!"
  21. PS3 - Bug Two balls stuck in crate during "Terror from the Crate" for 100+ jackpots
  22. please FS make Scared Stiff harder to play
  23. Spider scoop active during multi ball?
  24. Operator mode/FF-off/post on leaderboard?
  25. Deadheads
  26. Bug Can't compete "Save a ball with The Spell" goal
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  28. questions about SS and pro mode
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  30. Bug Table hangs after Monster Multiball
  31. Easter egg issue?
  32. Bug Coin Slot Returns Have No Background
  33. What should I do when the timer runs out in Stiff-O-Meter ?
  34. Game hangs at entering Stiff-O-Meter (happened once until now)
  35. I (don't) wanna get off of Miss Elvira's Wild Ride!
  36. Question about Extra Ball(s)
  37. Steam Achievement Typo for "Scared Skilled"
  38. Video with Commentary - Stiff-o-meter to 10 + Monster Multiball
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  40. Timed tournament strategy?
  41. Family Mode default setting seems to have been changed...
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  43. Helpful ROM bug - Double Double Deadheads
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  46. Request Reset highscores on mobile
  47. 33 continuous right ramp shots.
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  49. Scared Stiff "Secret Passage" Wizard goal
  50. Found yet another easter egg:
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  52. Bug Not updating leaderboard scores
  53. 360 - Bug Ball constantly sticks in Left Loop
  54. Music frequently stops altogether
  55. Bug Ball gets stuck near the back of the spider hole, on launch usually