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  5. Strobe Multiball
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  12. Dirty Pool!
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  14. Tales from the Real World
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  16. Super Jackpot Question???
  17. Bug Stuck on initial entry
  18. No recognition for Rule the Universe?
  19. Is this score okay?
  20. AFM - A few clarifications
  21. WOW! I love Attack from Mars
  22. Chase lights around flying saucer.
  23. What are your top 5 high scores on AFM?
  24. 258 Billion! Leaderboard finally working again :)
  25. Bug Multiball Bug - Three balls stuck in plunger
  26. I Rule the Universe!
  27. Bug Some Bugs...
  28. Dirty Pool?
  29. This table drives me NUTS.
  30. Bug Martian Bomb/Video Mode Bomb not working
  31. No One Messes With The USA
  32. RULE THE UNIVERSE 6 Times 1 Game !
  33. Biggest Bonus you've hit on AFM? Beat 48 BILLION!
  34. Comparisons with the real table
  35. Bug Wizard goal not registering
  36. Bug Flipper buttons don't change the upper lanes
  37. Tutorial and Gameplay Videos Captured on PS4
  38. Bug Error in instructions
  39. Bug Ball auto-launches
  40. Bug During "Attack Mars", SOL award "Start Attack Wave" raises the drop target wall
  41. Crash :(