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  1. Will Farsight allow us to transfer our tables to the PS4 version when the time comes?
  2. The Pinball Arcade PS3 to PS4 Transfers.. Will it happen? (thread ver. 02)
  3. Addressing a question from a thread that was closed (again)....
  4. It's not easy (nor wise) to be an early adopter of next gen...
  5. If the Playstation 4 release doesn't address their inability to update tables then...
  6. Enhanced version of the Star Trek: The Next Generation table on PS4 to be shown at E3
  7. Will PS4 version support remote play to PS Vita?
  8. Mandatory PSN Plus subscription
  9. PS4 Policies Towards Updating Titles?
  10. Will you be able to buy tpa
  11. Proposed PS4 Retail Release Discussion
  12. TPA not on Sony's PS4 launch lineup list...
  13. How will the PS4 version differ from the PS3?
  14. PS4 Cirqus Voltaire Screenshot
  15. Pinball Arcade "Coming Soon to PS4" Trailer on PSN
  16. What do you think of the spotlights added to table inserts in the PS4 version?
  17. Do Playstation 4 purchases get you the Vita versions?
  18. Once the PS4 is out will we see simulataneous PS3 & PS4 table pack releases?
  19. New High Resolution PS4 screenshots (place here!)
  20. A pre-emptive strike against flipper lag!
  21. Will the PS4 version of TPA have Stereoscopic 3D support?
  22. PS4 pricing and discount thread
  23. Play The PS4 Version Today ! (In Select Locations)
  24. Confirmed: User Adjustable Lighting on PS4!
  25. TPA PS4 US launch countdown!
  26. DualShock4 and TPA
  27. Request Head tracking with the PS4 Eye
  28. PS4 and Kickstarter fullfillment?
  29. Trophy Confirmation for PS4?
  30. Request Option to have flipper sounds comes out of DualShock 4 speaker
  31. Request Make sure that Pinball Arcade videos are shareable using "Share" button
  32. What else are you looking forward to on PS4?
  33. Portrait mode in PS4 ?
  34. IGN PS4 and PC review of TPA
  35. Live stream NOW of PS4 gameplay
  36. pinballarcadefans streaming : )
  37. General Illumination
  38. Cirqus Voltaire DMD
  39. PS4 System Update 1.52
  40. PS4 Retail Version Released! PSN Dates Announced
  41. No Pro modes in the retail disc version!
  42. TPA on the PS4 - First Impressions
  43. Request Please add option to remap flippers to R2/L2
  44. Request Dark mode: Make the ball's light reflection lighter
  45. no offline play possible on ps4?
  46. Bug Very poor audio quality on PS4 version.
  47. To Those Who Complain About the Discount...
  48. PS4 NA v1.00 Master Bug List
  49. Will Seasons 2 or 3 be available on retail disc?
  50. Hey guys, FarSight programmers are streaming from the PS4 live on twitch...
  51. Is Vita integration active on the PS4 yet?
  52. PS4 Pinball Arcade Fans leaderboard
  53. Sticky R1 & L1 buttons on Dualshock 4 Controller
  54. Request Fix the plunger so it doesn't miss the ball if pulled back early
  55. Request Realistic flipper physics
  56. You guys GOTTA fix it so the game pauses if your controller dies!
  57. PLEASE add a column in the leaderboards for "Friends Only"
  58. DS4 vibration support
  59. Request Show current table name in player's PSN status
  60. Rev 3 Live Stream
  61. How do you get the Season 1 ball pack?
  62. German Review to Pinball Arcade (Launch & Season Pack 1) on PS4
  63. What my PS4 now has no license and can't play
  64. My wishes for the PS4-Version
  65. PS4 System Error CE-34878-0 (this is NOT a TPA error)
  66. PS4: Season 3 Tables Coming Before Season 2
  67. Just graphics improvement, or is the more? How does it compare to PC?
  68. can't find eyeball custom ball in ps store
  69. Pack 0 Trophy Question
  70. Request Balck Hole bumpers
  71. Is anyone elses having a problem scoring the sand trap value in NGG?
  72. When will we see the next PS4 release?
  73. season 1ball pack
  74. Request How about some love for backglasses?
  75. Request Per-Table Lighting Settings
  76. Questions on SS Wizard Mode
  77. Family Modes
  78. Are the slings too strong on some of the PS4 tables?
  79. Request Please put back all samples and video into Scared Stiff's rom
  80. All Season 1 Pro Modes available as a bundle on PSN
  81. 3 tables listed for March
  82. PS4 Trophys
  83. I kind of feel cheated about hacked roms
  84. When can we expect the next PS4 patch?
  85. Family Modes turned off don't display any additional images or samples
  86. How exactly am I supposed to use the Pro Mode?
  87. Speculation: PlayStation 4 May Account for >50% of entire PBA userbase
  88. PS4 Version has eliminated my iOS Play
  89. How far behind wil we get?
  90. Request Project Morpheous Support
  91. more ps4 tables
  92. 2 quick questions for UK PS4 owners
  93. Really impressed with STTNG on PS4
  94. Australia has the Season 1 Ball Pack....is there anyway to get it in the US?
  95. HDTV, Game Mode, Lag vs IQ
  96. Anyone else experiencing the "through the flipper" glitch?
  97. Seasons?
  98. Severe delay in Flippers
  99. Request Twilight Zone - Powerball
  100. Version 1.01 changes and bug fixes
  101. Request PS4: Better physics and/or graphics vs 3D capability.
  102. Bug Update Broke Leaderboard
  103. PS4 Pinball Arcade Disc Updateable?
  104. Season 3 PS4
  105. PS4 NA Version 01.02 Changelog, Discussion & Feedback
  106. PS4 NA v1.02 Master Bug List
  107. When are we getting the new UI!?
  108. How To Get Video from PS4 to Youtube
  109. Fishtales......GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
  110. PlayStation store problems. It's not just FarSight.
  111. Disc Version
  112. Season 1 disc: Second printing released
  113. Is it true that next-gen grahpics are a PS4 exclusive?
  114. Help with Funhouse skill shot
  115. Fix the leaderboards!!! It's been months!
  116. Cannot Pause the game without losing the ball
  117. Pausing the game and keeping your ball on ps4 -
  118. Request Enable analog sticks in the menus
  119. The 4 new tables on Tuesday. How much will they cost altogether?
  120. Vita player. ..now with added PS4
  121. Retail version of TPA for PS4 ?
  122. EU PSN TPA S1 sale! Actually a decent price!
  123. Request PS4 Sound Menu
  124. PSN sale on now!
  125. Bug Ball movement patch
  126. Custom Ball Pack 1 issue
  127. How to redeem codes?
  128. Bug PS4 (NA) Version 1.03 Master Bugs List
  129. Request Customizable Controls
  130. Request PS4/Vita Cross-buy and Second Screen
  131. Sound Quality
  132. PS4 Version, No Longer Supported?
  133. Gonna get a PS4... should I Get TPA?
  134. Season 2 PS4 Bundle
  135. Newbie, and flipper lag issue
  136. Possibility of a head-to-head multiplayer workaround?
  137. Which Tables are available for PS4?
  138. PS4 PSN ID Thread
  139. PS4 (NA) Version 01.04 Changelog, Discussion & Feedback
  140. Bug No available content, whatever season...
  141. Bug Phantom of the Opera initials
  142. PS4 Season 4 pass problem
  143. Season 2 gets a disc release
  144. US Pinball Arcade update - Seasons 2, 3, 4
  145. Trophies for season 2?
  146. Portrait mode?
  147. Network offline - problem with tpa
  148. Disc or download?
  149. One ball challenge? A quick alternative to leaderboards
  150. Can't download tables I bought
  151. New Tables won´t show up in Download Manager (PS4 / SCEE)
  152. Sooooo.....screenshots?
  153. Event Camera Question - Is there a bug?
  154. Season One 50% off sale on now, US PSN (as of Jan 6 2015)
  155. Lost highscore in T2 table ...
  156. Does anyone know when season 2 tables are available to the EU ?
  157. The Addams family on PS4.
  158. 10% one-time discount in North American PSN store through this weekend (1/26/14)
  159. Season 2 pack in EU shop available - BUT where's the discounted season 2 ?
  160. Looks like we may get to pick our background music on PS4 after all...
  161. Request Option to sort out my favotite tables
  162. New facebook pinball group (welcome to join)
  163. Buying Season two from PSN ?
  164. Do I have to buy the tables all over again for PS4?
  165. What's up with season 4 updates for consoles ?
  166. Season 2 table packs still missing in Europe
  167. Best Season Pack For New Player
  168. HORRENDOUS PS4 Leaderboards, they're never getting fixed are they?
  169. Remapping Buttons in TPA will be possible in PS4 firmware 2.50
  170. Latest TPA PlayStation news from FarSight (Mike Lindsey)
  171. Best custom ball to use for dark brightness setting?
  172. Bug PS4 (NA) Version 1.24 Master Bugs List (Updated Up To Banzai Run)
  173. PS4 Tournaments?
  174. Request I can just play Phantom of the Opera from Season 4
  175. Season 2 on Disc - 52 instead of 20 tables?
  176. How to fire troll bombs on ps4?
  177. Request Suggestions for improvements - PS4 version
  178. Theoretical - Save Transfer?
  179. Pinball Challenges
  180. is it time for our yearly update yet, ... or is it bi-yearly now ?
  181. Season 3 standard pack unavailable in for PS4?
  182. The latest PS4 patch is up - welcome to the rumble
  183. Bug All tables unlocked for free?
  184. The second July 2015 patch is up
  185. Paid for tables now gone after update on PS4 !!
  186. Do you get anything for completing goals ? [Normal and or Wizard]
  187. Bought two season packs, tables not showing up in-game
  188. anyone else getting this? Help!
  189. Season 3 and 4 video
  190. Red&Ted
  191. Farsight really should put "Pinball Arcade" in the PS4 PSN Store Season 3 title!
  192. Patch 1.09 is up (UK) no release notes just yet
  193. Bug Purchased Season 4 Pro Pack but can't access it.
  194. Has FarSight mentioned if older tables will get the Xenon flipper physics?
  195. Season 3 and 4
  196. Season 1 and 2 european disc version - are they on par with the digital ones?
  197. PS3 to PS4 discount
  198. Ver. 1.10 and Season 5 come!
  199. Battlefront
  200. Pinball Arcade Season 2 Physical PS4 Collection coming to the USA?
  201. Changing Language with Pro Version?
  202. Has anyone managed to download Safe Cracker or Red and Ted from PSN Europe?
  203. Stereoscopic 3D on PS4
  204. Bug BUG in German UI since Version 1.09 on PS4 - please fix
  205. Request Please remove the awful, giant PINBALL ARCADE watermark from video recordings. Thanks
  206. Is the PS4 upgrade worth it?
  207. ANOTHER game ending bug. This is why I don't try anymore.
  208. Anyone know when there might be another PSN Sale (PS4) on Pinball Arcade Tables?
  209. The PS4 is five tables behind at this point - any news on the update schedule?
  210. Playstation VR Support?
  211. converting FROM ps3 TO ps4
  212. Bug STILL very poor audio quality on the PS4 version after almost 2.5 years
  213. Pinball Arcade 1.5GB PS4 update?
  214. Downloading new tables issue.
  215. Bug I haven't been able to post a score on Addams Family leaderboard since February
  216. Request Flipper sensitivity/lag issues
  217. Showing the 22 different lighting settings on the PS4 version of Pinball Arcade 1.12
  218. HELP...asap!
  219. ps4 harddisc
  220. Bug Eye Ball custom ball not available to purchase on PS4
  221. Bug PS4 Horrible Frame Rate issues, intermittent but frequent
  222. Pinball Arcade Version 1.14 is LIVE!!!
  223. Entitlements not Working.
  224. Major crash and no leaderboards for new tables
  225. Pinball Arcade ver.1.16 (Europe) Update Now Available!
  226. problems with new pinball tables from season 5 and update
  227. STERN Pinball Arcade is now live on PSN (for the PS4)
  228. Trophy support for SPA?
  229. [SPA] Version 1.02 Patch is live! (12/02/16)
  230. Amidst all this talk about SPA, what about TPA season 6?
  231. PS4 SPA Framerate Drops: Lazy or Inevitable?
  232. Bug Menue error on PS4 Pro
  233. PSA: Tournament ongoing (Feb 3 - 10)
  234. The Creature from the Black Lagoon table looks very bad in version 1.15. :(
  235. Pinball Arcade Version 1.16 Now live on PSN/PS4 (Dual Light Slider added)
  236. Bug PS4 - Bug …Post EU V1.17 update: The Machine: Bride of Pinbot
  237. EU Season 6 Season Pass?
  238. Bug Problems opening in ps4 game
  239. Cannot Purchase Season 6
  240. Pinball Arcade Version 1.17 Now live on PSN/PS4
  241. Table and Ball Lighting issues... PS4 & XBOX1
  242. Bug HELP! I can't download the new update (PS4)
  243. Request PS4 / Camera view
  244. Help! Unable to free play tables.
  245. SPA shares leader boards with TPA, plus better ball lighting...
  246. Season 6 bundle is on promotion on EU store
  247. SPA Tables Now Available
  248. PS4 Release Date of Three Remaining Season 6 Tables?
  249. PS4 Bug Fixes?
  250. Ghostbusters for SPA