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  2. Pre-selecting illusions
  3. Bug Ball permanently stuck on trunk!
  4. Android - Bug Graphic Glitch
  5. Bug Ball permanently stuck between "Vanish Lock" and bumpers
  6. iOS - Bug Graphic --- A straight line in the forehead (at a women face in the center table)
  7. Getting the Multi-Ball 100 million jackpot
  8. Solid Staircase Ramps (iOS/Android) Vs. Transparent Staircase Ramps (Xbox 360/PS3)
  9. iOS - Bug [FIXED] Black Apron Bug On iPod & iPhone
  10. Bug 10 Billion Point Rollover
  11. iOS - Bug Arrows missing/crashing in tutorials
  12. Bug THEATRE Letters Bonus Calculated Incorrectly
  13. Hocus Pocus magnets not always working
  14. TOM Tactics and Strategies
  15. Bug Video Pinball Wizard Goal not activating?
  16. Bug Ball could not make it up launching ramp (PS3)
  17. Isn't the Tiger Saw supposed to be animated?
  18. PS3 - Bug Ball phasing through ramps
  19. Bug On art of the left side of the backbox is backwards!
  20. So I finally topped 2 Billion...
  21. Any strategies to win Digital Pinball more often?
  22. Metamorphosis Question
  23. 360 - Bug Wizard goals cheevo not given
  24. Bug PS3: Ball warping from loop
  25. PS3 - Bug Music tracks overlapping one another
  26. Bug iOS 5.1 - ipad3
  27. Mortal Kombat 3 Easter Egg
  28. 12 minute real TOM at night, including Grand Finale. Awesome light show!
  29. Possible texture bug in upper right playfield?
  30. Bug No (or low) sound on multiball intro
  31. Bug Missing sound effect
  32. Trapdoor question
  33. 2 Balls in plunger
  34. Clock bonus
  35. Something wierd happened
  36. Voice Actress Info Request
  37. My girlfriend loves it!
  38. Bug Ripped off completing the grand finale!
  39. That moment when you've learned a table too well...
  40. Completed Grand Finale!
  41. Just experienced major multi-ball slow down.
  42. Android - Bug Mirror is missing on my Galaxy S [solved]
  43. iOS - Bug Left slingshot won't fire anymore
  44. Bug Various sound and animation issues
  45. Grand Finale Didn't happen.
  46. Request Update the Table with most recent ball/physics code
  47. How do I get the right orbit?
  48. Help! HOF points conundrum
  49. Bug PC - Ball stuck on bumpers forever (video)
  50. Nice easter-egg during "Hat Magic" round...
  51. Bug ps3 haunted basement door won't take ball when open.