View Full Version : Goin' Nuts (1983)

  1. WOAH! Talk about a museumpiece.
  2. Does Goin Nuts have the worst music ever for a pinball game?
  3. 180 sec standard goal - most difficult SG ever?
  4. Someone tell me how to play this please?
  5. Bug Target to light upper-right rollunder that re-launches 2-ball multiball doesn't work
  6. Bug Third EB lost
  7. 500.000 bonus goal
  8. Bug Bumpers too "lazy"
  9. PS3 - Bug PS3 version too purple
  10. PS Vita - Bug Multi-ball light not lighting
  11. Goin Nuts strategy thread
  12. Bug Extra Squirrel is flaky
  13. Bug Trying to change camera setting on Android freezes the game
  14. Was this table canned for being a wide table?