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  1. Bug report template
  2. Keys Not Working?
  3. Art Assets (Not on the Tables Themselves)
  4. Resolution higher than 1920x1200, possible?
  5. Full Screen
  6. Fixed Crash on returning to main menu after a game
  7. Tip: use NVIDIA Inspector to tweak antialiasing/filtering/vsync
  8. Fixed Game runs too fast
  9. Fixed Framerate count and version number cropped in half
  10. Fixed Fullscreen ALT + TAB
  11. Crash from Centaur table
  12. Request Steam Achievements?
  13. Fixed Table/Wizard goals don't update on the select tables page.
  14. PC - Bug Display: Ball reflection on table lags when ball moving at high speed
  15. Fixed Display: CFTBL - Default camera setting tracking issue
  16. PC - Request Physics: CFTBL - Ramp shots seem too easy
  17. Can't Exit The Game with the Gamepad
  18. Bug General - Pinbot: Name entry after game
  19. Miscellaneous issues...
  20. Observations / Thoughts
  21. Post Processing - low res and an issue with HUD
  22. Bug Display/Crash: Dual Monitors Not Compatible with Full Screen
  23. Fixed PC Beta does not load on Steam
  24. Event Camera toggle not present
  25. General: TOTAN multiball start issue; collect jewel/fireball starts too soon
  26. Graphics card recommendations?
  27. Fixed Star Trek TNG - ball canon swings indefinitely
  28. Flight 2000/Goin Nuts not showing up?
  29. Scrolling when ball in upper playfield - Option to turn off?
  30. Request Touch Screen Support
  31. PC - Bug Game simply freezes and doesn't load
  32. Bug StickyKeys crashes fullscreen mode
  33. Bug Pro Mode ROM navigation
  34. Bug Whirlwind Spinning Discs
  35. PC - Bug General - Champion Pub - Ball launch 'Skill shot' not available via keyboard control
  36. Fixed BOP - Missing artwork - Right side of cabinet
  37. Bug Crash Black Knight
  38. Bug Bug - Taxi: Hole in backbox underneath joyride lights
  39. Bug Ripley's: Holes in backbox
  40. Bug Ripley's: ABC displays don't show anything
  41. Bug Big Shot (and possibly other tables): Post processing HUD distortion
  42. Bug Table exploration: I can zoom in and out but can't move anywhere else
  43. Bug Dr. Dude: Plunger cam doesn't show the top of the "I" EXAM lights
  44. Fixed Attack From Mars USA Light intersects the table
  45. Bug TOTAN Harem Light intersects the table
  46. Bug TOTAN Rules card blurry/LoRez
  47. PC - Request Antialiasing
  48. Fixed [Camera] Cirqus Voltaire Plunger Lane
  49. Bug [Camera] Dr Dude Mixmaster
  50. Bug [DMD] Appears stretched at square resolutions
  51. Need Guidance Making Executive Decision - To Reinstall Windows or Not
  52. PC - Bug Crash on launch with primary monitor rotated
  53. Graphics improvement tip for AMD cards (via Catalyst Control Centre)
  54. Bug Issues (bugs and requests) when playing with a 360 controller
  55. PC Beta 0.008
  56. Bug Missing HUD for Big Shot
  57. Bug Art - Attack From Mars Arrow below spaceship misaligned.
  58. Bug Scared Stiff Spider Spinner board is low res
  59. Bug Black Hole: Camera during multiball follows balls on lower playfield
  60. Bug Black Hole: Ball escapes lower playfield by going through glass
  61. PC Crash If you accidentally tap Windows Logo key, PA window goes permanently black
  62. Bug Art: Inconsistent lighting across all tables
  63. Bug Display - Taxi/AfM: Flashing texture problem on Taxi playfield/AfM plastic
  64. PC - Request Controls rework
  65. Bug Gorgar: Ball sinks into plunger cover
  66. logitech gamepad and steam beta?
  67. Bug Theater of Magic: Left slingshot has no sound or animation
  68. Bug Whirlwind: Display on backbox is messed up, and there is a hole in it.
  69. Suggestion: The PC Beta forum area needs better organisation
  70. Bug General - UI shortcuts to instructions missing from Table Goals menu
  71. High Score Initials Entry...getting around the chimes
  72. Fixed General Goals button does not appear to be updating on the table selection screen.
  73. Fixed All Tables - Resume message does not after pausing, and no hi score letters appear
  74. Fixed Twilight Zone: Clock doesn't function correctly
  75. Beta Vs 0.009
  76. Bug Flight 2000: Lower backglass LEDs in wrong position
  77. Fixed Goin' Nuts: Missing HUD
  78. Bug UI: Switching tables causes screen to black out for a second
  79. PC - Request Hide Mouse Cursor When Playing
  80. Bug Plunger Deadzone incorrect with Xbox controller
  81. Fixed General | High Score Entry | Can't use flippers to enter initials on certain tables
  82. Fixed Twilight Zone powerball
  83. General - Game exits with no error message when it cannot access the internet
  84. Art - Ball reflection and Flippers
  85. Bug Scared Stiff - missing textures on coin door
  86. Whirlwind - in-game score display misaligned/hole in backboard
  87. No Pinball Wizard Support
  88. where is my code
  89. Intel HD 4000 graphics
  90. Bug Taxi - in-game score display misaligned/hole in backboard
  91. PC - Request 1366 x 768?
  92. Request Sync goals and high scores using steamworks
  93. Comparing PC beta to PS3 regarding lighting
  94. Fixed Unable to re-map keyboard keys at bottom of list
  95. Beta Vs 0.010
  96. Request Low-Quality Playfield Art (AFM)
  97. Bug [Physics] ST:TNG Ball goes through mission hole
  98. Fixed Crash on launch, version 0.010
  99. Latest update
  100. Bug DMD + ABC missing on Ripley's
  101. Bug Score HUD is bugged on BK and Gorgar on 1280w resolutions
  102. Harley Davidson drain plug ...
  103. Fixed [Physics] Ball Collision
  104. PC - Bug Art - Some insert decals on TOTAN are overbright, some are normal-looking
  105. Can't start pinball arcade anymore
  106. Bug Ball Reflection - too bright and distracting
  107. Bug Keyboard can't be used to access "back" menu item
  108. Bug Main menu - delays when moving through menu items with keyboard
  109. TPA Crashes at Startup (v0.010) - Read Here First!
  110. Bug Monster Bash Apron
  111. Bug Elvira Backbox Display
  112. Lowend Spec Laptop Working Well
  113. Bug Sound - Theatre of Magic: Table main theme plays over other sounds inappropriately
  114. Bug Art - Twilight Zone: Various art issues
  115. Bug Steam - Achievements: "All Achievements" button leads to wrong place
  116. Bug Steam - Achievements: "Theature [sic] High Score"
  117. Bug Cirqus Voltaire: Neon can get stuck on
  118. Bug Sound - Twilight Zone: Jackpot sound missing treble portion
  119. Bug Harley Davidson Center Plunger
  120. Bug Art - Scaling issue on artwork
  121. Display - Black screen on table selection menu
  122. PC - Request Beta requests
  123. Fixed General - Frame Rate Doesn't Display With Post Processing Off
  124. Fixed Black Knight: Magna save will not activate
  125. DMD of Cirqus Voltaire being cut off
  126. Bug General - Online Leaderboard Issues
  127. PC - Bug Silent Crash on Startup
  128. Bug Art - Scared Stiff - Multiball Buildup Lighting Incorrect
  129. Bug crash: random black screen during play
  130. Space Shuttle query
  131. Fixed Can't change resolution
  132. No Build Today
  133. PC - Request Shape and length of flippers in EM tables
  134. Fixed Funhouse gameplay glitch
  135. Bug Few more issues:
  136. Possible to display on 2nd monitor?
  137. PC - Bug General | Main menu | Login to Facebook doesn't work at all
  138. Request Explorative mode (cabinet art, backglass etc.)
  139. Beta Vs 0.011
  140. Bug DMD doesn't display on Cactus Canyon and other tables
  141. Just a question ?
  142. Fixed Art: Pro Mode Shows Wrong Artwork
  143. Input delay?
  144. Bug Performance - Dr. Dude/Party Monsters Frame Rate Drops
  145. Beta Vs 0.012
  146. PC - Bug Performance-XBox 360 Controller issues
  147. Bug Bug - Crashes before even loading
  148. PC - Bug The Black Knight - HUD malfunction
  149. PC - Bug General | UI | Can't select menu items using Enter button on keyboard
  150. PC - Request "Reset password" menu item to open Steam overlay browser
  151. PC - Request Login process handled in-game (no outside dialog boxes)
  152. PC - Bug Can't type in the "@" character in the log-in field
  153. Fixed High Score Entry broken on v0.012
  154. Rendering Issues
  155. Were can I download the beta..?
  156. PC - Bug Scared Stiff - Missing cabinet art
  157. General appearance
  158. Bug Terminator 2 Lock sometimes phases through the wall, and into the Left Orbit
  159. Bug No Good Gofers - Right Lock goofs up when two balls get stuck inside the hole
  160. Bug Terminator 2: Ball Phases Through Leftmost Red Target below the Jets
  161. Fixed Cannot input initials in any manner now
  162. Cactus Canyon definition
  163. PC - Request Art: Just me, or do the ball shooter plungers look really bad?
  164. Beta Vs 0.013
  165. PC - Bug Tilt Sensitivity is bugged
  166. Bug Gorgar score display broken
  167. Terminator 2 - Multiball - 2 balls enter cannon lock, table can't find ball
  168. Fixed Operator's Menu - Multiple buttons are highlighted when one is clicked on
  169. Beta Vs 0.014
  170. PC - Bug General | UI | Keyboard control of menus broken after logging in
  171. Builds
  172. Another question
  173. PC - Bug Unable to perform Table Exploration when selected 0.014
  174. Bug Theatre of Magic - Left Slingshot does nothing when hit
  175. PC - Bug In game Extras Flyer "Scale Down" Button text bug
  176. Bug XBox 360 controller, and mouse not working at all after login
  177. BUG: Performance: Does not save any settings changes
  178. Bug Star Trek: Delta Ramp gate incorrectly positioned
  179. PC - Bug Gameplay - TAXI: Full pull on plunger gets 100k 'Spinout' bonus every time
  180. Random thoughts on improvements and fixes
  181. Fixed Space Shuttle - Players 3 & 4 are swapped on backglass and on HUD
  182. Bug Black Hole - Tube missing from Re-Entry Gate
  183. Bug DMD - is it dull?
  184. Bug Twilight Zone - Camera Scoop Wall is missing
  185. The Pinballarcade no longer loads up on STEAM
  186. Fixed Menu frames per second (fps) is way too fast
  187. Is there a list of what should to be working for each version?
  188. Bug Monster Bash Art Issues
  189. Bug Ball reflection and shadow
  190. Request Can we please remove the player and end of game screens?
  191. Fixed Elvira - Right Slingshot animation/sound missing
  192. PC - Bug my collection of bugs/glitches in 0.14
  193. PC - Bug Display - Black Hole score digit textures overlap without alpha
  194. Bug Ball Control in Pro Menu doesn't function while in game
  195. Beta Vs 0.015
  196. Late for the beta!
  197. PC - Request REQ: More granular performance tuning options
  198. Bug Twilight Zone - Ball gets stuck in entrance of Gumball Machine
  199. Fixed Performance - Ball reflection fps drop
  200. PC - Request Magna save using keyboard?
  201. PC - Bug General | Main Menu | Quit button not pulsing when highlighted
  202. Are we going to get any artwork improvements?
  203. New builds?
  204. Bug Circus Voltaire - Flashers are broken
  205. Beta Vs 0.016
  206. No Resolution App for 0.16 Build
  207. PC - Bug Physics - A slow ball glitches or jumps around certain feature areas
  208. General | Main Menu Text is Too Big
  209. Beta 0.017
  210. Fixed Haunted House: Backglass displays are incorrect
  211. Version 0.018
  212. Bug ??? Haunted House: Ball stuck on the edge of the post and right flipper
  213. Bug General - Champion Pub: Holding the launch has no effect; only releasing it does.
  214. PC - Bug Haunted House: Both Sets Of Flippers Fire When In Basement
  215. Haunted House - Miltiple Art work issues
  216. PP is causing poor artwork image quality - proof
  217. Bug Haunted House: Extra Ball acts as a special (50,000 points)
  218. Request Add more achievements for each pack released
  219. PC - Bug Twilight Zone - Nudging while ball enters gumball machine jams balls
  220. PC - Bug Twilight zone - Magnafield effects ball under the powerfield
  221. Bug Version 0.18 Gorgar score and Huanted house performance.
  222. UI suggestion - navigation bar
  223. Bug General - Teed Off: Music and sound effects are clipping
  224. PC - Request Suggestion: Use GL_SPHERE_MAP (or DirectX equivalent) for clear ramps and such
  225. Beta Vs 0.019
  226. Pinball Arcade Beta Testing
  227. PC - Bug Unable to run the PC version through Steam anymore :(
  228. Beta Vs 0.020
  229. Bug Taxi's Backglass and Jackpot displays are half-sized
  230. Beta 0.021
  231. Bug Crash upon entry of Extras in the Table Menu
  232. Fixed Main Menu icons are small/habitrail not reaching the opposite side of the screen.
  233. Bug Twilight Zone - The Camera doesn't reliably trigger rewards (Ball MIA)
  234. PC - Bug General - minor typo in Champion Pub instructions
  235. Request Table Extras sound test or audio extraction?
  236. PC - Bug 03-015: TOTAN DMD indicates a ball is locked when it is not
  237. Beta Vs 0.022
  238. I think it's cool that....
  239. Fixed Game hard crashes every time I alt-tab out of full screen mode
  240. Game hard crashes every time I alt-tab out of full screen mode (YES, IN 0.022!)
  241. Fixed Whirlwind - Full plunge results in 3-Toll Ramp shot
  242. Bug Bride of Pin*Bot - Wall between plunger lane and right loop/outlane missing
  243. Flipper Lag
  244. Fixed No sound/music plays on Cactus Canyon high score entry
  245. PC - Bug Steam Overlay key presses go to game (all at once when resumed)
  246. Fixed Pinball Arcade Fails to Launch
  247. Beta Vs 0.023
  248. Bug Black Knight Upper playfiled Lock
  249. PC - Request Portrait Mode Resolutions
  250. Bug Reset button restores factory ROM settings, not Farsight settings