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  1. iOS Launch: Feb 9
  2. Bug Nudging does not work correctly
  3. iOS - Bug Background music bugs
  4. Bug iphone cant login to leaderboard
  5. iOS - Request Retina Visual Optimizations
  6. iPad 3 Retina Display
  7. iOS - Request The ball need to polish back...
  8. iOS - Bug Frame rate on Ipad2 Ball blur
  9. Pinball Arcade On The iPad 3
  10. Request Keyboard support on iOS
  11. iOS - Bug Update to 5.1 changed something.
  12. iOS iCade Support? (Bitty)
  13. Bug New update loses high scores & goals on ipad2
  14. Pinball Arcade doesn't work on a New iPad
  15. Farsights iPad3 'fix' submission
  16. iOS MM/BoP Update
  17. Bug High scores in wrong sequence
  18. iPad 3 - can't download tables
  19. I losy my purchased tables!!!
  20. Ipad 3 Screen Shots of MM and BoP
  21. iOS - Bug Iphone 3GS flipper problem
  22. iOS - Bug Lot of lagging problems with Ripley's believe it or not
  23. Bug Connection to Facebook, refund?
  24. Request Have F aright confirmed if Gamecenter is coming in the next update?
  25. Bug medieval madness and skill shot
  26. Bug Camera not focusing on the plunger, after locking a ball
  27. iOS - Bug Wizard goals not unlocked
  28. Bug Ipad1 - just get title screen, then app closes
  29. Bug Table conditions not reset when manually restarted
  30. Got it bad?
  31. Cirqus Voltiare/Funhouse DLC out!
  32. iOS - Bug iOS VER 1.1.1 Bugs
  33. iOS - Bug Two Funhouse music tracks overlapping
  34. GAME CENTER (Centre) IDs
  35. Request Please lower the brightness of the tables
  36. Request Please provide wiimote, icade and icontrolpad support
  37. Acheivments in Medieval Madness
  38. iOS - Request Please Don't Make Me Pay Twice
  39. iOS v1.1.2 changes
  40. iOS - Bug iOS VER 1.1.2 Bugs
  41. Back up your scores/goals
  42. Ver 1.1.2 - game still not saving when closed?
  43. Bug iOS VER 1.1.3 Bugs
  44. iOS VER 5.1.3 - Gorgar/Monster Bash DLC - I now have TWO installs for TPA
  45. iOS - Bug Camera Locked
  46. TPA in Top Grossing Apps
  47. DMD out of Sync?
  48. iOS Forward Nudging Gone??
  49. I feel cheated, Free version doesn't get updated at the same time? Unbelievable!!!!
  50. Portrait vs Landscape - pros and cons
  51. iOS - Bug iOS Version 1.1.4 Bugs
  52. 1.1.4 ios rating updates poms at the ready
  53. The Pinball Arcade will be The AppStores App of The Week!!!
  54. This will sound weird... are the physics different b/w portrait and landscape?
  55. Openfeint IDs (for people who also play Zen)
  56. Free Version has been removed in App Store? Now i have to rebuy each table?
  57. Rate the app.
  58. iPad camera locking
  59. Bug No Hi-score???
  60. ios users checkout this great idea for an ipad pinball cabinet.
  61. Ipad 2 vs ipad 3
  62. icade iphone mobile
  63. Kill the carpet POLL
  64. Where's the IOS Update?
  65. Red square graphic issue
  66. Table Selection Menu
  67. Help! I've lost all my tables!
  68. iOS Version 1.1.5 Bugs and Feedback
  69. Hall of fame leaderboards
  70. Hall of fame scores not well balanced across tables
  71. Lost table
  72. I think it's time for a moderated full outstanding bug list.
  73. You are expanding too fast, and significantly damaging the quality of your product.
  74. LOGIN Issues/ GameCenter Concerns
  75. Free vs 99cent version of Pinball Arcade GameCenter
  76. Not buying anymore tables until bugs get fixed
  77. Full Screen - Screen View
  78. Pinball skills
  79. Orange Buttons?
  80. That ole App Store buzz
  81. Too Many Log-ins... confusing
  82. Williams DMD Dot - why only on iOS?
  83. 1.1.6 Update Now Available!
  84. Bug iOS Version 1.1.6 Bugs and Feedback
  85. Is The Pinball Arcade Too "Demanding" on some devices?
  86. Purchasing tables
  87. iOS - Request All my purchased tables now show "Buy Now"
  88. Game Center on multiple devices?
  89. Taxi and Harley Davidson release date?
  90. Bug Lost High scores and Goals on CotBL & Black Knight
  91. Bug login with facebook
  92. iPad 3 shake to nudge problem
  93. Request Performance impact of IPad notifications
  94. Could a ' table update availble ' button be added bringing us bug fixes quicker?
  95. App Crashes
  96. Do achievements work at all at the moment?
  97. Nudging on tablets
  98. Farsight, any plans for iPhone 5?
  99. Syncing of highscores
  100. What the h... just happened??
  101. Memory Required? & other qustions... new to iOS
  102. iOS 6?
  103. Difference between Ipad2 and Ipad3 when playing TPA
  104. Request Cabinet view for IOS/Android
  105. iOS - Bug iOS/iPad3/Medieval Madness - no Video Mode?
  106. Why hasn't anyone written an app that allows controllers to be paired with iOS device
  107. Taxi/HD/Gofers/Elvria update out!
  108. Bug iOS Version 1.1.8 Bugs & Feedback
  109. Landscape on iPhone
  110. Just got home and noticed a new pinball arcade update....
  111. iPhone 5 - views are all wrong
  112. iOS - Bug Wasn't Table Pack #5 supposed to be included with Table Pack #6????
  113. Game Center Save
  114. Back up/restore save data
  115. Why is Ripleys believe it or not 2.49!!??
  116. High Score not registering on Farsight Leaderboards
  117. Bug All high scores, goals etc gone on last table packs
  118. Apple AV Adapter - HDMI TV out
  119. iOS Version 1.1.9 Bugs & Feedback
  120. iOS - Bug iOS and Pinball Arcade on multiple devices
  121. Move Hall of Fame scores to new device?
  122. Forcing a table update?
  123. Ipad1 VS Ipad3 noted differences, I'm surprised.
  124. Iphone 5 misery
  125. iOS... Is Farsight stuck for life?
  126. All high scores and goals GONE on ALL tables
  127. The NEW new ipad!
  128. Downloading Scared Stiff now!
  129. Bug iOS Version 1.2.0 Bugs And Feedback
  130. iOS - Request Problems with Leaderboard - I can see Friends, but they can't see me?
  131. Bug Can't see friend scores
  132. How do I access my previuos Login?
  133. Got an iPad Mini
  134. Trying to get my tables added on to I Touch 4
  135. iOS - Request Could we get profiles of players
  136. Video recording of Ipad screen
  137. Is this game playable on the ipod touch 4th generation?
  138. lost all my hall of fame scores AGAIN
  139. Bad News (App Store approval delays)
  140. iOS - Request Improve Nudge please!
  141. iOS6 iPad2 ball/camera stutter problems
  142. How do I restore my purchase of a Pro Menu between iPad and iPhone?
  143. Help! Gamecenter issues- "pinball arcade free"
  144. iOS - Request Save scores & achievements to upload later when away from wifi/3g
  145. Impossible top 3 leaderboard socres!
  146. Bug Bride of Pinbot DMD bug
  147. TPA iPad and iPhone
  148. iTunes $100 gift card for $80
  149. TZ is up.. (1.2.1 Feedback and Discussion)
  150. Are they going to stop supporting the iPod Touch 4th gen?
  151. Bug iOS Version 1.2.1 Bugs
  152. Mode "post procesing" low framerate ipad 4
  153. Is IPad 1 no longer supported with Twilight Zone?
  154. Login Problems on IPHONE
  155. Cydia application blutrol
  156. TZ speed
  157. iOS - Request Multitasking
  158. Maybe this info will help sort out the crashes.
  159. When will Tournement mode resume?
  160. Oh come on! This is just rude to your customers
  161. Constantly reloading purchased tables on iPad 4
  162. Scared stiff - Bug with free play
  163. 1.2.2 Now Out! (Feedback & Discussion Thread)
  164. Bug iOS Version 1.2.2 Bugs
  165. Captain....Incoming Message:
  166. iOS v1.2.2 Landscape-based everything.
  167. How to redeem kickstarter contribution for download of pro version?
  168. Star Trek not up on "free" version
  169. For the new new version.. how do you transfer HOF scores?
  170. iOS - Bug ? ST TNG and Gamecenter high score
  171. How do I get sttng?
  172. New update wipes out my purchases.
  173. Star Trek on tpa free?
  174. Whoa! I still have v.1.2.1
  175. Ball rolling sound
  176. No Tables Loading on new mini device
  177. Pricing confusion
  178. iOS - Bug Tournaments Not active
  179. Highscore, HOF troubles
  180. why there is so much input lag ?
  181. vertical push
  182. Custom Tournament Ball - How To Get It?
  183. Difficulty on TZ and star trek
  184. No portrait mode for monster bash?
  185. iOS - Bug CV crashing constantly whenever I want to start it up.
  186. Portrait Mode a must for next update
  187. Hall of Fame score reset to zero
  188. No hope for planet earth (iOS PBA user reviews)
  189. iOS Kickstarter Update
  190. Fear of playing outside (of a network)
  191. ATM and Genie Table Pack Release Date
  192. iOS - Request Next table and when will it be available?? Request for new pins.
  193. iOS Version 1.2.3 Feedback And Discussion
  194. Bug iOS Version 1.2.3 Bugs
  195. Apple 30-pin To HDMI cable for LCD gameplay?
  196. I just want to buy Attack from Mars..
  197. Where's the tournament?
  198. How do table updates work?
  199. Big Shot 250K goal finally accomplished.
  200. Costly lesson learned
  201. iOS - Bug Game Center Achievements
  202. How typical...tournament luck
  203. Tournament wont let me use table I paid $100 for
  204. Best TPA tables up until now
  205. Unfinished Business - Finishing Wizard Goals
  206. Tournament
  207. iOS v6.1 released
  208. IOS keyboard (nudging)
  209. How does the Tournament calc score?
  210. Hack the goals - is it possible?
  211. Offline high score
  212. Cross platform
  213. Bug iOS Version 1.2.4 Bugs
  214. iOS Version 1.2.4 Feedback and Disscussion
  215. Firepower and Dr Dude are out!
  216. Syncing of goals, local high scores and HOF scores across devices
  217. Bug Circus Voltaire lock ramp
  218. Camera sticks on plunger on almost every table?!?!?
  219. Nudging <touchscreen option> issue
  220. Login failed
  221. Randomization
  222. iOS - Bug Game crashes when viewing AFM wizard goals (german version)
  223. "Impossible" goals due to bugs
  224. Genie plunger needs some randomization
  225. Bug Custom Skin
  226. Updating...
  227. Ball through flipper??
  228. New tables tonight?
  229. iOS Version 1.2.5 Discussion And Feedback
  230. Bug iOS Version 1.2.5 Bugs
  231. Cactus Canyon and Central Park have arrived
  232. Tourney Custom Balls
  233. iOS - Bug "Restore Purchased Tables" resets Twilight Zone purchase
  234. New iOS feature that was debuted TPF?
  235. Request High Resolution Ipad Screenshots Thread
  236. iOS - Bug Sleep mode problems
  237. Turn off audio and listen to music?
  238. Unable to buy table packs. Help
  239. iOS - Bug Locked camera still zooms into skillshot and mixmaster
  240. Which of these three wizard goals is the easiest?
  241. No Good Gofers - Blue Transparent Ramps on iOS should be possible?
  242. Bug TPA - The greatest Bug in app-store !!
  243. Apple will launch an official gaming joypad soon
  244. Real time Lighting
  245. How to save high scores?
  246. When will WW and SS be out?
  247. Request John Gilmore Jr - please stop sending me temple run challenges!
  248. TPA is destroying my iPad!
  249. iOS - Bug Hints to play anyway
  250. What bug fixes will we see in this update?