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  1. Release?
  2. First Impressions
  3. Catch a killer-wizard goal doesn't register
  4. Balls stuck in launcher during multiball
  5. Strategies.
  6. Bug Ball flies through right side of the table (PC)
  7. Bug Ball ghosts through to the left habitrail from middle habitrail (PC)
  8. PC - Bug WHO Dunnit issues.
  9. Midnight Madness!
  10. Bug ipad, initial buttons do not disapear after entering high score
  11. Not on the Ouya?
  12. Pinball Arcade Players Needs Help with Wizard Goals
  13. So what's with the map hole kicking the ball out early and frozen flippers? PS4.
  14. Bug Balls get stuck in auto plunger during multiball
  15. What's the music?
  16. 'Score a 1 Billion+ Bonus' Wizard Goal Bug