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  1. Xbox One Gamertags
  2. So TPA is coming to Xbox One in June (hopefully)
  3. Who is planning on getting TPA for the XBox One?
  4. Crossbuy between 360 and One now a given?
  5. Wednesday November 26th, 2014
  6. Put Your Initial Thoughts Here
  7. 3d?
  8. Bug with the Event Camera option?
  9. Question regarding gameplay "balancing"
  10. Question regarding gameplay "balancing"
  11. Bug: Pin*bot uses plunger view while playing
  12. Limited Time Achievement: Genie Challenge
  13. When will we be able to stream over Twitch on Xbox One?
  14. Xbox One Suspend vs. Xbox Live Profile
  15. [Bug] Performance issues on Cirqus Voltaire
  16. Challenge Leaderboards
  17. Creature from the black lagoon score rollover
  18. Star Trek question
  19. Where is season 4 ? It's releases on PS4 , so where's the month lead ?
  20. Leaderboard issues.
  21. ROM Emulation For Currently Scripted Solid State Tables
  22. The Champion Pub - Spitting Gallery
  23. TPA XBoxOne - Rumble and Pulse Trigger Support?
  24. Is there a software update?
  25. When are we getting Phantom... and other S4 tables?
  26. [Bug] Cirqus Voltaire - NEON light is always ON
  27. [Bug] Ball passes through flippers on NGG!
  28. [Bugs] Scared Stiff caught on video.
  29. Dracula table flyer is actually...
  30. Bug High Score achievements are glitched
  31. long saving times for scores
  32. Season 4 when?
  33. Bug Taxi - Joyride Boxes Missing Correct texture.
  34. Bug Looping end of ball audio on Black Knight 2000
  35. Pro Version Bug?
  36. Should Addams be out for the Xbox One in February?
  37. Cueball Wizard
  38. Guess what guys. Game is finally updated....Still cannot stream on Twitch...
  39. Xbox One Bug List
  40. Flipper lag
  41. Same bug Support for the XBone as for the PS4?
  42. What PIns can i get
  43. Questions About Purchasing Tables... Please help
  44. No Way to Completely Exit TPA App??
  45. Table Releases
  46. When will you release this title in Asia ????
  47. Bug Save Data bug
  48. Now that S5 started on iOS...
  49. Cirqus Voltaire neon fixed but...
  50. Current discount sale not working on XBone for season 2 [in EU] ?
  51. Red & Ted's Road Show & Safe Cracker in menu but not avaiable (in Germany) ?
  52. Season 5
  53. uninstall and reinstall season pass xbox 1
  54. Bug Xbox One control scheme
  55. My flippers aren't working!
  56. new UI - how many more Christmases ?
  57. Poor Little Xboxy-woxy!
  58. Stern Pinball Arcade Live For Xbox One.(US)
  59. Hello!! New Here.
  60. Light settings
  61. Season 6 & 7
  62. Request Why don't we have any Microsoft XBOX ONE season table discounts? $30+ per season
  63. Any X enhancements in future ?
  64. Unable to purchase Season 1 Pro pack
  65. Bug I can't buy Sorcerer for TPA on Xbox One. Plz fix before June 30th!
  66. Unable to reach store?
  67. X1 version took an update today (post-table apocalypse). Farsight still terrible.
  68. I can't get Mustang!
  69. 7/16 Update- Silver Lining?
  70. Williams Bally Tables on Pinball FX 3
  71. Is Fish Tales missing?
  72. Zaccaria is Coming
  73. leaderboards and pro menus
  74. Medieval Madness on FX3
  75. Stern Pack # 3....
  76. epic quest
  77. fx3 down
  78. Leaderboards