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  1. Why Has the Launch Button Moved to the Top Right of the Screen?
  2. [Explained] What Causes the Mechanical Sound Effect Delay in Android?
  3. High-quality Soundtracks using Original Sound Data (Marcel Gonzales)
  4. [Explained] Controller Support Options for Android
  5. Is there or is there not a reasonable chance to get The Addams Family?
  6. Question and Help Needed
  7. Request Roadmap
  8. The Addams Family - Progress Thread
  9. Why Don't My Secondary High Scores Save? / Why Doesn't Pro Mode Stay On?
  10. How to transfer TPA purchases to another Google Play account?
  11. pinball arcade and pinball after dark for wii u
  12. Deleting and Restoring Question
  13. Has the next table been announced yet?
  14. When is Bram Stroker's Dracula coming out?
  15. Table of the month
  16. In BSD can you light or make the coffin open?
  17. Bug Big Shot Master list?
  18. Where is phantom of the opera for ISO
  19. season 2
  20. Is there a difference between the XBOX one and PS4 version ?
  21. Pro Table vs Regular Table
  22. update and season 3 info
  23. Release of packs
  24. how to transfer tables from xbox one to iphone?
  25. Is Scared Stiff the Only Table with a Family Friendly Censor?
  26. Bug Full screen swapping to windowed in v.1.37.9 DX11(beta)
  27. PS3 tournament
  28. Camera or View
  29. Changing from comcast to fios new email address for Apple ID . What to do!
  30. Question about lighting in game [PS4]
  31. PS3 the forgotten pinballers
  32. LED conversion kits
  33. "You did not participate in this tournament."
  34. What balls have special properties, and what exactly are they for each?
  35. Request What are the odds that FSS will add an option to lock the screen for iOS and Vita?
  36. Possible bug--winning an extra game (popping/matching)
  37. Option th change username - does it exist and if so, where?
  38. Hardware Recommendations (Best TPA platforms, devices, tablets, etc)
  39. How can a user delete a thread that he started?
  40. Android - Bug Only left flipper(s) after recent update
  41. Forum broken?
  42. Thoughts about a Wiki?