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  1. Bram Stokers Dracula Table
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  3. Flippers too far apart?
  4. First impressions?
  5. Bug "Love never dies" message under HUD
  6. Strategy for this table.
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  8. crashes after end..
  9. This table is crazy...
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  11. Bug Recreateable Hang after Entering Initials
  12. Android tablet - launch button in HUD vs. launch 'direct from table'
  13. Bug Hall of Fame points not awarded correctly
  14. Android - Bug Tilt warning launches ball
  15. I'm killed by Werewolves
  16. Watched the Movie Today - Makes You Appreciate the Table More
  17. Worst game?
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  19. Dracula multiball. My first ever game on the table.
  20. Looking for ringtone from this table
  21. I absolutely love this table.
  22. Bram Stoker's Dracula sucks
  23. Apparently this is now a top ten table
  24. 300M Coffin Jackpot
  25. 360 - Bug Ball Ended Mid Play Went To Next Player Start Page
  26. Video Mode
  27. 360 - Bug Went to High Score Initial Entry While Last Ball Still In Play
  28. Bug Ball Stayed In Play During Video Mode
  29. 360 - Bug During Mist Multiball