View Full Version : Zen WMS table timescale

09-04-2018, 04:33 PM
TPA had 61 tables when it lost the license. As well as the 4 in beta, Zen expect to get the next group of 4 released later this year. How long do you think it will take them to get to c.61 WMS tables (not necessarily the same ones as in TPA).

09-04-2018, 04:44 PM
Even if it's 7+ I won't mind. It took FarSight 6 years. If they just release 2 4-packs per year, that's 64 in 8 years, without having to abide by the once per month model that hindered TPA's quality.

I'll be happy if we just get a few tables FarSight didn't do.

Rudy Yagov
09-04-2018, 06:03 PM
Some of the table descriptions already mentioned a few tables that TPA never had, like Big Guns and Space Station. I know that's really not a confirmation or anything, but still an interesting thing to point out.

09-05-2018, 12:56 PM
As it is, Zen releases around 12 tables a year of their original stuff. I think a lot depends on what happens to those, will we be getting a mix, or is there a whole new division working on WMS tables while the old still works on originals. I do think they're gonna wanna get a quick turn around on their initial investment though.