1. Where have I been?

    It's been a while since the unfortunate implications about Pinburgh. I've long since been better about this situation, and recently I've been able to travel a whole lot more, especially to places that I've never even visited. Since December, I've now been in all 4 corners of the nation since my life began. Without further ado:

    Thanksgiving: Went up to Columbus to visit with family and have a nice Thanksgiving dinner. During Black Friday, we toured around the Columbus downtown area, ...

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  2. Pinburgh 2018 - A Tragedy

    Right when the tickets became available in February, I got in the waitlist as soon as it became available. Started in the mid-high 50's, and climbed through as time passed. Midway through July, I finally managed to purchase my ticket for Pinburgh 2018, and officially make it into the player list. I didn't have to get my event tickets until it gets closer to the event, so I waited until about a week's time before the tournament started to get them.

    We were pretty much all set, excitement ...

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  3. 10 Years of Pinball

    Before summer came along in 2008, I was still the same person you'd meet today. The same person, JPF, who enjoys video games, bowling, and pinball from time to time. At that point, I was still into some of the more casual games found commonly from places like MSN Games, as well as games played on consoles, like the Wii I still have today. I still remember bowling my very first 200 game back in February that year, but that's a whole different story.

    Little did I know that one advertisement ...
  4. ReplayFX 2017: More Scores!

    Let's get right to it. Pictures:

    Dialed In: The first game I aimed for, and it's such a blast to play! I sucked at it, but it didn't stop me from enjoying it! Scored 130,370 after getting one multiball out of it. "CRAZY!" is a quote I can't get out of my head.

    Black Knight 2000: Harder settings, but it didn't stop me from activating King's RANSOM. 6,372,590 is the ...

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  5. ReplayFX 2017 Plans

    Other than visit Farsight, of course. I'm still a ways down the waitlist (low 100s), and it's looking very unlikely I'll get in this year. I'll be quicker next time.

    Odds are, this is still a work in progress. Game list subject to change.

    Priority/Top 10 Games

    • Addams Family
    • Cirqus Voltaire
    • Creature From The Black Lagoon
    • Dialed In
    • Diner
    • Fathom
    • Firepower
    • Iron Man
    • Jungle Queen
    • Medieval Madness

    Other Games


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