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  1. Where have I been?

    It's been a while since the unfortunate implications about Pinburgh. I've long since been better about this situation, and recently I've been able to travel a whole lot more, especially to places that I've never even visited. Since December, I've now been in all 4 corners of the nation since my life began. Without further ado:

    Thanksgiving: Went up to Columbus to visit with family and have a nice Thanksgiving dinner. During Black Friday, we toured around the Columbus downtown area, ...

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  2. The Power Returns...

    It's been nearly four years. It's time the Power comes back for another round.

    More tales of victory, vengeance, and woe from league play (once league starts up again on 9/12); more machine photography; and more real pinball in general. Less musings on moderation (I don't do much of that anymore) and software development (ditto).

    For those of the auditory persuasion, I should be showing up more on BlahCade, too. Although with the advent of the Live and their ...
  3. Pinburgh 2018 - A Tragedy

    Right when the tickets became available in February, I got in the waitlist as soon as it became available. Started in the mid-high 50's, and climbed through as time passed. Midway through July, I finally managed to purchase my ticket for Pinburgh 2018, and officially make it into the player list. I didn't have to get my event tickets until it gets closer to the event, so I waited until about a week's time before the tournament started to get them.

    We were pretty much all set, excitement ...

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  4. 10 Years of Pinball

    Before summer came along in 2008, I was still the same person you'd meet today. The same person, JPF, who enjoys video games, bowling, and pinball from time to time. At that point, I was still into some of the more casual games found commonly from places like MSN Games, as well as games played on consoles, like the Wii I still have today. I still remember bowling my very first 200 game back in February that year, but that's a whole different story.

    Little did I know that one advertisement ...
  5. ReplayFX 2017: More Scores!

    Let's get right to it. Pictures:

    Dialed In: The first game I aimed for, and it's such a blast to play! I sucked at it, but it didn't stop me from enjoying it! Scored 130,370 after getting one multiball out of it. "CRAZY!" is a quote I can't get out of my head.

    Black Knight 2000: Harder settings, but it didn't stop me from activating King's RANSOM. 6,372,590 is the ...

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