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    Williams Pinball App Discussion

    So let's figure out what happened there. For me, the Basic challenge does not cost anything. No ads, no tickets, nothing. Advanced challenge however still

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    Digital licensing laws need to be updated

    Farsight essentially sells free play access passes to their arcade. You can upgrade your access by adding table packs. In the real world, this would be

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    So, what really happened....

    Yeah, I think maybe the real problem is that the laws around licensing need to be updated to 2019 digital realities. Building a physical machine in the

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    So, what really happened....

    I don't know what ever became of it, but at one point Farsight reskinned Haunted House with a Ghostbusters theme. I imagine that disappeared when they

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    Williams Pinball App Discussion

    Oh cool didnt even notice it was uncencored. But i noticed something awesome just now... i had avoided the one ball challenge yesterday but saw TOM on

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