• Pinball Arcade Newsletter #13

    March 15, 2013

    Table Pack #12: Cactus Canyon™ and Central Park™ has just been released for iOS, Amazon and Android. These two tables are fantastic and a perfect fit for the Pinball Arcade! The Table of the Month is Harley Davidson™, Third Edition which can be played for free this month.
    In addition to the table pack, this update comes with the ability to update all of the tables via a single button and the ability to purchase custom designed ball skins, including the special Twilight Zone ball, the special Star Trek balls and the Eye ball tournament prize.

    Cactus Canyon™ is a fun western themed table designed by Tom Kopera and Matt Coriale. Players try to clean up the town of Cactus Canyon before facing a showdown at the OK Corral! You're challenged with gun fights, stampedes and saving Miss Polly. The table features a gold mine with a closeable door, a moving train and a bad guy with a hat that pops off his head.

    Central Park™ is considered one of the best-playing classical tables of all time. Central Park features a comical backglass animation of a monkey ringing a bell every 100 points scored. Pinball Hall of Famers consider superior table nudging and target shooting to be essential in mastering this classic table.

    Latest Playstation News

    We have sent out the Kickstarter Redemption codes to ALL Kickstarter PSN accounts. If you have not received a code and were due one, please email kickstarter@farsightstudios.com.

    Pro Pack 1 featuring the Pro Versions of Medieval Madness and Tales of the Arabian Nights went out worldwide on Feb. 20th.

    Table Pack 11 (including Attack from Mars and Genie) is scheduled for release worldwide on PlayStation 3 and Vita March 26th.

    The Kickstarter Table Star Trek: The Next Generation is scheduled for release worldwide on March 20th.

    Bobby King will be posting a big announcement on the PSN Blog today! Come by, check it out, and ask some questions!



    The development of the OUYA version has gone very well and Pinball Arcade is looking good on it. The OUYA is a very cool little device. We have submitted Pinball Arcade to QA. We're both proud and excited at the chance of having our game available from day one of the OUYA's launch!

    For more information about the OUYA, please check out their webpage: http://www.ouya.tv/

    We're going to DALLAS...

    We are excited to be heading off to the Texas Pinball Festival in Dallas.

    We'll have a cool new feature for PS3 and something new on iPad to show off along with all of the tables on all of the current platforms.

    While we're there, we will also be running some contests! We will have Cactus Canyon up and running on most of the devices and consoles. The top few players each day will get an exclusive Pinball Arcade Cactus Canyon T-shirt!

    There will be four chances to earn your shirt. The first contest will run from 6 pm to Midnight. The second one will run on Saturday from 11 am to 5 pm, and another one from 6 to midnight. The final chance to win will be on Sunday from 10 am to 1 pm. Everyone at the show is welcome to join! The contests are free and open to all!

    Our booth will be right next to the registration area! Can’t miss us!


    ...And MILWAUKEE this March!

    If you have a PS3 or PS Vita, when you purchase your Midwest Gaming Classic tickets, include your PSN user name in the comments section of your order, and Show Organizer Dan Loosen will add you to his friends list. The top players for each released table on Dan's PSN friend list with the exception of Star Trek: The Next Generation™ will receive a FarSight Studios shirt and a code to download Star Trek: The Next Generation™ for their Playstation device!

    To pre-order your MGC tickets and get playing in the tournament, visit midwestgamingclassic.com/tickets

    More information will be posted to Facebook and Pinball Arcade Fans as the date approaches.


    Next Month's Tables- Here's a Hint!

    We have a table pack coming in April we think everyone will like.

    It's opposite day! Table Pack 13 will include a new table that has the opposite of a space theme and a re-released table with a theme that will take you to into the darkness.

    Share your guesses on Facebook and we'll announce the tables once the screenshots are ready to post!

    As always, thank you very much for supporting
    the Pinball Arcade!