• Pinball Arcade Newsletter #11

    January 18, 2013

    Table Pack #8: Attack From Mars™ and Genie™ has just been released for iOS and Android. These are two fantastic tables! The Table of the Month is Medieval Madness™ Pro, which can be played for free this month.

    Attack From Mars™ was designed by Brian Eddy, who also designed Medieval Madness™. An army of Martians is attacking Earth and it’s the player’s job to defend it. With its open playfield and easy to understand rules this table is a blast to play. Features include a moving flying saucer in the middle of the playfield, dancing Martians and a hypnotic strobe light.

    Genie™ is considered by many to be the best wide-body table of its era and possibly of all-time, a true Gottlieb® classic that is very addictive. This table was designed with well thought-out objectives and features five flippers. Two flippers in the upper left corner create a mini playfield.

    Latest Playstation News

    We finally have release dates from Sony! Twilight Zone will be availabel for PlayStation3 and Vita on February 5 in both North America and Europe. Table Pack 7 (including Scared Stiff and Big Shot) is scheduled for worldwide release on PlayStation3 and Vita February 12th. Medieval Madness Pro and Tales of the Arabian Nights Pro are scheduled for Febrary 19th. We can now submit Star Trek:TNG as well as the January table pack to Sony. Hopefully this test cycle will be quicker now that the holiday rush is over.

    iOS/OSX and PC Update

    PC - We are at #90 on Steam Greenlight! We need to get to the top 20 to be published. Please tell your friends, family, dentist, podiatrist, grocer etc. to vote for us using the link below! If we keep spreading the word, we will get there!


    We are still working on the PC beta build that is being designed for the Kickstarter backers. We are exploring options for delivery, security, and feasability.

    New User Interface

    This week's iOS and Google updates feature a new portrait orientation for all of the interface screens. We also are including some needed touch screen improvements in this update. Tell us what you think of the new interface!

    OUYA Dev Kit Onsite!

    We have received out OUYA development kit recently, and have begun work on the Pinball Arcade OUYA.

    The OUYA is an Android-based gaming console designed to play mobile games on a high-resolution television.

    We are very excited to be working on this platform and look forward to the future of it.

    EYE See You!

    The top 100 finishers in the December tournament have been sent an email congratulating them and have been awarded the Eyeball Custom Ball. The mobile updates released this week have this cool looking ball included under the Extras menu option.

    The only way to get the Eyeball is to finish well in a tournament, so if you want it - you're going to have to earn it!

    Congratulations again to the winners!!!


    Our next round of tournaments in Tournament Mode on mobile platforms will be starting this weekend. This tournament will feature eight tables! Based on your position in the rankings for each table, you will be awarded a point value between 1 and 100. The top 200 players with the most points when the tournament is over will win a special custom ball. You will need to be logged into your Pinball Arcade account while playing.

    Good luck, everyone!


    We are happy to announce that February's table pack will be...

    Dr. Dude!



    Thank you very much for supporting the Pinball Arcade!
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