• Mac Version 2.6.1 Featuring Table Of The Month, Free Play For Unpurchased Tables And Various Bug Fixes AVAILABLE NOW!

    The latest Mac update is AVAILABLE NOW!

    Mac NOTE : In-app purchasing on the Mac requires OS X 10.7 (OS X Lion). Also, this game requires 3D graphics acceleration. Older Macs and Macs without 3D graphics acceleration are not recommended.

    White Water is featured as the Table of the Month (sponsored by Pinball Magazine) and is available for unlimited FREE play until the next Table Add-On Pack is released.

    What's New:
    - Table of the Month feature has been added.
    - Free Play is enabled for tables that haven't been purchased.
    - Tables are now downloaded individually rather than bundled with the application. Use the Manage Tables (accessed via the Options Menu) to manage downloaded tables.
    - An "Exit" button has been added to the Main Menu.
    - A "Fullscreen/Windowed" button has been added to the Main Menu.
    - Arrow keys can be used to navigate some menus (lists, table selection, etc.).
    - A "Language" setting has been added to the Options Menu.
    - The application version number is now displayed at the bottom of the Options Menu.
    - Entitlements are refreshed when the app starts if the user is already logged in

    Table Updates:
    - Gorgar (v6)
    - Flight 2000 (v3)
    - Whirlwind (v4)
    - The Champion Pub (v4)

    What's Fixed:
    - Gorgar: "GOR", "GAR" and eject hole lights' on/off states were too similar.
    - Gorgar: The "GOR" and "GAR" lights were not resetting between games.
    - Flight 2000: Dip switch settings for the operator's menu have been added.
    - Flight 2000: Screw texture above the right flipper was wrong.
    - Whirlwind: There was a spelling error on the playfield.
    - Whirlwind: The red and yellow lights above the cellars were transparent.
    - Champion Pub: There was a collision issue that would cause the ball to fall through the table.
    - Goin' Nuts: Tilting during ball launch would break the table.
    - The table selection icon for Tales of the Arabian Nights was listed as "Arabian Nights".
    - A minimum window size is now enforced.

    Please post any bugs or other problems with the Mac version HERE.