• Table Add-On Pack #15 Featuring The Champion Pub And Whirlwind AVAILABLE NOW! On PS3 (NA/EU) And PS Vita (NA/EU)

    Table Add-On Pack #15 (which includes The Champion Pub and Whirlwind) is AVAILABLE NOW! on PS3 (NA/EU) and PS Vita (NA/EU) for $4.99, 3.99 and 4.99.

    Table Add-On Pack #15 Pro (which includes The Champion Pub Pro and Whirlwind Pro) is available for $7.99, 6.49 and 7.99. You save by purchasing both Table Add-On Pack #15 and the Table Add-On Pack #15 Pro Upgrade together.

    Table Add-On Pack #15 Pro Upgrade (which includes The Champion Pub Pro Upgrade and the Whirlwind Pro Upgrade and if not purchased together with Table Add-On Pack #15) is available for $3.99, 3.19 and 3.99.

    Pro Version gives you exclusive access to the Pro Menu which features the Operator's Menu, Ball Control, Table Exploration and IFPA Pro Tips.

    All content is single purchase for both the PS3 and PS Vita.

    NOTE : You must have the latest update for The Pinball Arcade installed to see and purchase the new content.