• Pinball Arcade Newsletter #20

    October 25, 2013

    Pinball Arcade Newsletter #20 - Full HTML Version

    Table Pack #19: Class of 1812™ and Victory™ has just been released for iOS, Google Play, Amazon and Ouya!

    Class of 1812™ (1991): is frightful fun for all ages. This supernatural themed table was designed by Ray Tanzer and Joe Kaminkow. Players are challenged with collecting five unique characters by completing all of the Bonus Lamps. The Playfield features a severed hand and an animated mechanical beating heart and chattering teeth, synchronized to the game's music and speech. 1,668 units of the table were produced.

    Victory™ (1987): this auto racing themed table was designed by John Trudeau. It was the first table to use a fully screened photo realistic Vitrigraph mylar overlay for its playfield rather than the industry standard silkscreen on the wood itself. Players are challenged with finishing a race by completing specific shots representing Checkpoints on the track. Players screech around corners, over and under ramps on an adventure to the finish line. Load your weapons, check your equipment and start your engines! 3,315 units of the table were produced.

    The Table of the Month is Scared Stiff™. This great table is just for you, this month, for free.

    Check out the Table Pack 19 video on YouTube:
    [Video link]


    You've been waiting for it.... and now, we're proud to announce that all Steam users will be able to purchase Pinball Arcade for themselves on November 1st, 2013! Table packs 1 through 18 will be available at launch.

    Chicago Pinball Expo

    A big THANK YOU to the Chicago Pinball Expo for an amazing time! It was great getting to see everyone in the community and what was new in the world of Pinball. We got to show off the PS4 version of Pinball Arcade to anyone who "mosied" on over to see what was going on; and again, we'll be showing off the PS4 version to the public once more at Comikaze before we get the public release into everyone's hands!

    Check out the picture right below to see Bobby King, Norman Stepansky, Jason Juneau and Mike Lindsey giving their presentation the "Making of Pinball Arcade.".

    Lastly, we had one more special treat: the Steam version of Pinball Arcade running on a custom VirtuaPin cabinet provided by our awesome friend Paul Maletich! Check our our Facebook page for a video we posted from the Expo! Stay tuned for more details on this beauty...


    Pinball fans in and around the Los Angeles area: Comikaze is nearly upon us! Of course there's alot going on from all aspects of pop culture and nerdy goodness, but if you happen to drop by, we'll be hanging out at the Elvira booth! With us, we'll be bringing both of our Elvira tables for you to play in person (Scared Stiff™ and Party Monsters™) as well as the last pre-release showing of the PS4 version of Pinball Arcade before we get it into the hands of new and proud PlayStation 4 owners! It's gonna be a blast, so be sure to come on over and check out the awesomeness!


    In tournament news, we have something new a-brewin'... soon we will be introducing Timed Tournaments! High intensity, small bites of time where people will have to join in and nab the best score before the time gets cut off! This will be starting off on mobile platforms; stay tuned to our Facebook for further news on this!

    Remember Cyborg_1202 - a.k.a. Steffen Reinhart - our ST:TNG Kickstarter Supporter Tournament Winner on PSN from last month? (Whew, that was a mouthful!) He was visiting the area all the way from Frankfurt, Germany and decided to drop by our office and say hi! We showed him around the offices and let him test out all sorts of cool stuff; thanks for stopping by, Steffen!

    Over at the Chicago Pinball Expo, we also got to see Justin Johnson (JJ), who scored 15,245,326,200 as the Top Winner in our TNG Mobile Tournament! Here he is with Bobby and his fancy Twilight Zone Translight signed by us over at FarSight! Thanks for dropping by and saying hello, Justin!

    Lastly, we'll leave you with a little teaser... get ready to challenge your friends with our upcoming Online Head-to-Head - Coming soon.

    Champion Pub is the next free Table of the Month!​

    Here is the hint for Table Pack 20.

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