• Pinball Arcade Fans Would Like To Wish Everyone And Their Families A SAFE AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!...Plans For The Pinball Arcade In 2014 INSIDE!

    Pinball Arcade Fans would like to wish everyone and their families a safe and prosperous 2014!

    2013 was a another successful year for FarSight Studios' The Pinball Arcade which saw the addition of 22 popular and classic tables which include Attack from Mars, Cactus Canyon, White Water, Terminator 2 : Judgment Day, Centaur, Haunted House and Fish Tales which kicked off Season Three. FarSight plans to greatly improve the user experience in 2014 with new features, game modes and even more highly anticipated tables such as Black Knight 2000, Junkyard and WHO dunnit!

    I plan to fully update all the information on the forum within the next few weeks, so until then, enjoy this extensive update on plans for all versions of The Pinball Arcade in 2014.

    • General : Table Add-On Pack #21 Released : Table Add-On Pack #21 featuring Fish Tales is AVAILABLE NOW! on Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, Mac, OUYA and PC. It should also be available on the PS3 (NA/EU) and PS Vita (NA/EU) in early March . Xbox 360 release time frame TBD.

    • General : New Tables Coming Soon : FarSight has confirmed that Black Knight 2000, Junkyard and WHO dunnit will all be released during Season Three of The Pinball Arcade.

    • General : Season Three Details : Season Three will feature 10 tables, which should all include Pro Versions available for purchase, and will be released from December 2013 – September 2014. Individual table add-on packs will be available for $4.99 (basic table) and $7.99 (pro table which features a Pro Menu). The Season Three Table Pack (includes all 10 basic tables) is available for $29.99 and the Season Three Pro Table Pack (includes all 10 pro tables which feature a Pro Menu) is available for $39.99.

    • General : Challenge Mode : Challenge Mode is currently in Beta testing and is set to be released in early 2014. Challenge Mode will feature multiple challenges to test your skills which includes Williams Challenge, Bally Challenge, Gottlieb & Stern Challenge and Season Challenges.

    • General : Online Head-To-Head : FarSight is in the process of designing a challenge mode within the game to go head to head with a player of your choice. Opponents scores will be displayed on-screen to let you know if you have fallen behind or how much of a lead you have. The concept is still undergoing design, but FarSight guarantees an intense interactive experience to come in The Pinball Arcade.

    • General : New Features : FarSight will be adding new features to The Pinball Arcade which will include various online game modes in 2014.

    • General : Brand New User Interface : FarSight is currently in the preliminary stages of building a new and improved interface that will greatly improve the user experience. The new interface will feature flexible options to customize the UI to the user’s preference while at the same time offer a quick start option which will allow users to jump right into a table with ease. The new UI is set to hit all supported platforms and devices in 2014.

    • General : Newly Emulated Tables : FarSight is in the process of updating a select few of the currently scripted tables to full ROM emulation which will be included in future updates in 2014 as they are completed.

    • General : Pinball After Dark : FarSight has announced Pinball After Dark which is slated for release in 2014. Pinball After Dark will feature more mature themed tables that FarSight has previously been unable to bring to The Pinball Arcade because of explicit themes. FarSight hopes to bring Pinball After Dark to every platform and device currently supported by The Pinball Arcade.

    • Linux : Linux Support : FarSight has announced that they have begun working on the Linux version of Pinball Arcade which should be coming to Steam in 2014.

    • PC : Cab Support : FarSight has received their virtual pinball cabinet and preliminary work on the build has already begun. Cap support lands on PC in 2014.

    • PC : DirectX 11 Support : FarSight is currently working on DirectX 11 support for the PC version which will bring the real-time lighting/reflections of the PS4 version to the PC during the first half of 2014.

    • PS3/PS Vita : January Update : The PS3/PS Vita will receive an update in January 2014 which will include Table Add-On Pack #19 featuring Class of 1812 and Victory, Table Add-On Pack #20 featuring Cue Ball Wizard and El Dorado, Class of 1812 Pro, Cue Ball Wizard Pro plus minor adjustments. Table Add-On Pack #19 and #20 should be available in early to mid January 2014.

    • PS3/PS Vita : Mega Patch : FarSight is still working on artwork corrections, bug fixes and tweaks that they would like to include in the Mega Patch and hope to be done with the patch soon. They plan to submit to Sony in early 2014 and hope to have the patch rolled out first quarter 2014.

    • PS3/PS Vita/PS4 : Table Add-On Pack #21 Coming Soon : Table Add-On Pack #21 featuring Fish Tales should be available in early March 2014.

    • PS3/PS4 : 3D Support : FarSight will be adding 3D support for The Pinball Arcade (which may be included in the Mega Patch) on the PS3 during the first quarter of 2014 and on the PS4 shortly thereafter.

    • PS4 : PS4 Patch : FarSight is currently working on a patch for the PS4 which will include a fix for the audio, the option to use the L2/R2 triggers for the flippers, controller rumble support plus other various fixes and requested options and hope to release the patch in early 2014.

    • PS4 : European Market Discount Issues : FarSight is still waiting for a response from SCEE on a timeframe for when the Season One discount bug will be fixed and available for those who purchased Season One on the PS3/PS Vita in the European Market. FarSight hopes to have this issue resolved ASAP.

    • PS4 : Upcoming Add-On Content : FarSight plans to release Season Three add-on content on the PS4 close to the same timeframe as the PS3/PS Vita Season Three add-on content releases throughout 2014. FarSight hopes to have Season Two updated and released on the PS4 during the second quarter of 2014.

    • PS4 : Retail Disc Version : The PS4 version of The Pinball Arcade has been released on disc in the North American region and will be released in early 2014 in the European region. The disc version currently features 22 tables which includes the four core tables plus all the tables from Season One. FarSight plans to release a patch for the disc based version of The Pinball Arcade in 2014 which will allow for purchase of add-on content and should contain bug fixes and the addition of a few requested options.

    • Wii U : Submission For Approval : After a lengthy delay, the Wii U version is back on track and will be submitted to Nintendo in early 2014. Release timeframe TBD.

    • Xbox 360 : Re-Launch : FarSight is currently working on a plan to re-launch The Pinball Arcade on XBLA with all currently released add-on content, but are not releasing any further information until/unless it becomes more solid.

    ...and that was just a glimpse of what's coming in 2014! Stay tuned for more details and updates in the coming months here on the forum and on FarSight's Facebook Page.
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    1. shutyertrap's Avatar
      shutyertrap -
      That's a hell of a list of things for 2014! Thanks for compiling.

      Concerning when these things actually happen...I always like to say "I don't actually have the job until I get my first paycheck". I apply the same logic to FarSight when it comes to seeing an announcement and actually getting to play.
    1. DarkAkatosh's Avatar
      DarkAkatosh -
      Very nice. Thanks for all your hard work
    1. dtown8532's Avatar
      dtown8532 -
      Thanks PinWiz for the info. Great work as always.
    1. FelixTheCat's Avatar
      FelixTheCat -
      Wow! Looking forward to PC Cab Support. Thanks for everything PinWiz and best wishes for 2014 to all!
    1. happytm03's Avatar
      happytm03 -
      Thanks for the update Pin Wiz and happy 2014!

      Appreciate all the work by Far sight Studios on TAP and can not wait for all the goodies.

      I heard Triple Strike is for mature audience only! LOL
    1. kimkom's Avatar
      kimkom -
      Cool. Thanks for that PiN WiZ. Looking forward to the PC updates.

      A Happy New Year to you too.
    1. Kratos3's Avatar
      Kratos3 -
      Great to hear!

      Keep up the hard work!
    1. Brian Clark's Avatar
      Brian Clark -
      Thanks for the info. It's nice to hear that the Wii U version hasn't been cancelled. Direct X 11 support for PC sounds neat too.
    1. Canadian365's Avatar
      Canadian365 -
      Great update on 2014 future content! Hope to see the Addams Family Kickstarter also in 2014!
    1. jbejarano's Avatar
      jbejarano -
      Great summary of all the updates. Thanks.
    1. keithmoon's Avatar
      keithmoon -
      Happy and lucky 2014 @ all and thanx for the news. Will there be only 10 tables in season 3?? But great to hear about the DX-11 update.
    1. Bowflex's Avatar
      Bowflex -
      Farsight confirmed that they will not be making any reissues of PHOF tables so each pack will be one table. So it is correct that there will only be 10.
    1. smooverr's Avatar
      smooverr -
      Thanks alot PinWiz! Lots of great things happening this year...now if we only had a list of s3 tables....