• BlahCade Podcast #19 - Pitch Slapped

    Now available for download, the latest BlahCade Podcast - Pitch Slapped.

    Like Magic, a new BlahCade podcast is available. Words are spoken, stories are told. Including one about the roided out kangaroo near Jared, opinions on modding pinball tables, and much, much more.

    Don't forget to sign up for TotM on June 24th so you can play on the 27th.

    Enjoy the show, comments are more than welcome!

    You can find the download for the podcast here

    If you would like the RSS feed, find it here

    Lastly, for all the Apple junkies, the iTunes version can be found here.
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    1. Buzz1126's Avatar
      Buzz1126 -
      Hi guys-I'm a longtime listener, really enjoy the show. "Like Magic" intrigues me...is it possible to submit stories to be read by you guys?
    1. shutyertrap's Avatar
      shutyertrap -
      You can send us whatever you'd like to BlahBlahBlahCade@gmail.com and if we like what we read or think it would make a good topic of discussion, we probably will use it! We are always looking for things to blather on about, and as a longtime listener I'm sure you know they don't have to even be pinball related!