• BlahCade Podcast #22 - Feelin' Good

    You might be thinking, "well that was quicker than usual for a new BlahCade to pop up", and you would be correct. Get used to it!

    If we use the analogy of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, BlahCade is just starting to break out of the chrysalis. The show is taking a new direction which we describe in this episode.

    We also talk about the F14 Tomcat Beta as well, and a few Known Issues to look out for in this release (that are out of FarSightís control).

    Lights. GAMERA. Action is the TotW. Chris talks about how messed up the theme is on this game, and the exorcist-like woman between the flippers.

    Itís a new dawn. Itís a new day. Itís a new life. And weíre feeliní good.

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    == Markers

    * Opening and Sponsors
    * Introductions - 0:35
    * Podcast Changes - 4:10
    * Beta Blah - 12:45
    * TotW - 24:00
    * Sponsors and Close - 32:00