• BlahCade Podcast #26 - Teeny Tiny Isn't Always A Bad Thing

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    iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/...039748922?mt=2

    Chris and Jared are trying new things. We’re testing out http://Blab.im and think the results speak for themselves audio-wise. We introduce the Zen Book Club, talk POTO and TotW, and threaten 20 minutes of Let it Go or Going Nuts music for folks who don’t switch feeds.Remember, switch over to http://shoutengine.com/BlahCadePodcast or prepare to be assaulted with “interesting” musical selections.

    Also remember, please leave an iTunes review if you like what we're doing here. It'd be super awesome!


    • Intro and Sponsors;
    • Introductions - 45 sec;
    • TotW - 1:37 mins;
    • POTO Backlash and Comments - 4:44 mins;
    • HH vs Banzai Run - 9:30 mins;
    • Zen Book Club - 10:40 mins;
    • Roger Sharp in Drunk History - 22:20 mins;
    • Blab.im Filler - 25:20 mins;
    • SYT’s New Samson Teeny-Tiny Mic - 26:40 mins;
    • A Wild Bonzo Appears - 27:50 mins;
    • Bonzo adds to Zen Book Club - 32:00 mins;
    • Last Chance to switch feeds - 34:20 mins;
    • Sponsors and Outro - 36:00 mins.
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      pm1109 -
      Thanks..Looking forward to listening to it after work
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