• Fireball and El Dorado Now Available

    Fireball™ and El Dorado™ have just been released for iOS, Steam (Mac/Windows), Mac App Store, Google Play, Amazon and Ouya

    Fireball™ (1972): is a highly collectable, fantasy themed pinball table that was designed by Ted Zale. This innovative game included ball saving features such as the Flipper-Zipper and a Kickback Kicker in the Left Outlane. The Flipper-Zipper moves the Flippers to block the center drain and the Kickback Kicker prevents balls from draining down the left Outlane. The middle of the playfield features a Whirlwind Spinner, which sends the ball flying in random directions. Locked ball bonuses and 2 and 3-Ball Multi-Ball put this game way ahead of its time. Fireball™ is a lightning storm of scoring action! 3,815 units of this table were produced.

    El Dorado™ (1975): features a playfield that was used for multiple tables including El Dorado City of Gold™, released in 1984. This playfield was also used for an Add-A-Ball version called Gold Strike™, an Add-A-Ball version released in Italy called Lucky Strike™, a 4-player replay version called Target Alpha™, a 4-player replay version released in France called Canada Dry™ and a 2-player replay version called Solar City™. Designed by Ed Krynski, the game features classic electro-mechanical gameplay with four flippers, two sets of Drop Targets and 10 Rollovers that can be lit for big points! 2,875 units of this table were produced.
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    Jeff Strong

    Scared Stiff (MAME)

    Yep, the emulator that goes hand and hand with Visual Pinball, VpinMAME, is actually based on a really old version of MAME. There are other WMS pin ROMs

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    Scared Stiff (MAME)

    It's probably for Visual Pinball, as you have to download not only the table, but sound and ROM files.

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