• Halloween Steam Sale for Season 1-4

    Until Nov. 1st you can save quite some money when buying season 1 to season 4 tables (up to 75%):

    Season One - $19.79
    Season One Pro - $19.99

    Season Two - $9.89
    Season Two Pro - $9.99

    Season Three - $9.89
    Season Three Pro - $9.99

    Season Four - $19.79
    Season Four Pro - $19.99

    Check out the Steam store for your regional equivalent.

    Happy Halloween!
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    Your evaluation of Zen Williams Pinball year 1

    I have been OUT OF IT! I just discovered that the WMS license went to Zen after FarSight lost is last year! Of course, I immediately downloaded the Williams

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    PiN WiZ

    Patch 1.33 US

    Both apps were updated to remove the ability to purchase AC/DC. No other changes were made to either app.

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    Nice, The Darkness, what a huge outdoor show! Thanks Kolchak!

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    just downloaded Patch 1.05 for PS4 (US); any idea what changed?

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