• Stern Pinball Arcade to be released today on PS4 in North America

    It's now official: Stern Pinball Arcade will be available on PS4 today in North America!

    Many of the all-time greatest pinball tables are being created today by Stern Pinball Inc®, the oldest and largest producer of arcade quality pinball machines! Play them now on your favorite video game device. Modern classics like Star Trek™, AC/DC®, and Mustang® are available at launch with more to come!

    DLC – New releases like Ghostbusters™ and Whoa Nellie™ are coming soon, with more to come! Table Packs, LE Tables, and new features are released regularly.

    Key Features
    ROMs created from the latest Stern code, physical meshes, and high rez textures provided by Stern Pinball, Inc. help provide 100% accurate gameplay and graphics of the real Stern pinball machines.

    Physically Based Rendering (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Rift) provides for incredible dynamic lighting.*

    Leaderboards – Earn bragging rights over friends or players around the world for each table.

    Table Goals – Accomplishments that guide learning and mastering each table.

    Arcade Play – Single and multi-player games can be played on any of the tables.

    Table Instructions – Detailed tutorials of each table teach you how to become a pinball wizard!

    Stern Challenge – Master the tables and challenge yourself to hit a target score on each of the tables to earn enough challenge points to complete the Stern Pinball Arcade gauntlet.

    Currently we don't know about other regions on PS4 or other platforms, but we will keep you updated as soon as we can! To all the PS4 players in NA: Enjoy this day while the rest of us goes green with envy
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