• Stern Pinball Arcade PS4 DLC keys giveaway!

    Ok, my dear PS4 friends - not only you get to play SPA before me being a PC player, now you also get the chance of getting keys for the following DLC's here on the forum!

    We have one key of these fine DLC's available:

    • 1 x Bundle Pack 1 including Ripley's Believe it or Not!, Star Trek Vengeance Premium, Starship Troopers, AC/DC Premium
    • 1 x Bundle Pack 2 including Harley-Davidson / Third Edition, High Roller Casino, Mustang Premium “Boss”, Last Action Hero, Phantom of the Opera
    • 1 x Mustang Premium Boss Edition
    • 1 x Star Trek Premium Vengeance Edition

    How do you get one of these hot keys?

    I will post one key every day starting tomorrow, at different times on our Articles page. I won't post it here in the thread - just on the Articles page! I will post a countdown here on the forum, so you don't have to kill the F5 button. The keys will have a pattern like this:


    Here's the twist: I will replace one of the letters (which can be A-Z) with a "?". It will not be a number, I think 26 possible attempts should be enough

    Good luck to all of you.

    The first key will be posted at this time:

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    1. Xanija's Avatar
      Xanija -
      45 min. until the first giveaway.
    1. Xanija's Avatar
      Xanija -
      The next code will be up at this time: http://a.chronus.eu/1783CA4

      Today we will have the "Mustang Premium Boss Edition"
    1. Xanija's Avatar
      Xanija -
      A bit shorter notice today. Next key will be announced at http://a.chronus.eu/1784208

      It will be Bundle 2 today.
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      Xanija -
      Countdown for the last giveaway: http://a.chronus.eu/17846F4
    1. Xanija's Avatar
      Xanija -
      Giveaway is over.