• Table pack 56 now available

    Table pack features 2 EM Gottlieb tables.

    Centigrade 37 (1977): was designed by Allen Edwall and Godon Morison. This Electromechanical wedgehead table was produced by Gottlieb with one of the best Sci Fi art packages around. This game tasts players with filling the giant, eye-catching Thermometer on the back glass to score Specials. This tables also features a Lane of parallel Rollovers and double Inlanes with switching lights to keep game play moving. 1,600 units of this table were produced.

    Jacks Open (1977): was created by two Pinball Expo Hall of Fame inductees, Ed Krynski and Gordon Morison. This game, from the Master Maker of Playing Card Games, challenges players to build card hands by completing specific spot target combinations. Open with a Pair to be challenged to complete 3 of a Kind, then a Full House and Royal Flushto light Specials. 2,975 units of this table were produced.

    Table pack 56 has been released on Steam (Mac/Windows), Google Play, Amazon, iOS, OUYA & Mac App Store.

    iOS, Mac App Store and OUYA will be a few days late, as this is still under review.
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