• Paragon has been released - Start of Season 7

    Paragon™ (1979): Was designed by Greg Kmiec and drawn by Paul Faris. This beautifully illustrated table was the first Supersize widebody table made by Bally. This table was one of the first to use inline drop targets, in the Valley of Demons, to score points and multiply the Bonus. The table also features four Flippers on the Playfield to control the ball away from the Beast's Lair, the dangerous outlane gap under the Pop Bumper on the left. This table challenges players with every game, and is a great game to hone flipper control and nudging skills. "Enter the exciting world of Paragon!"

    Available now for: Steam, iOS, Google Play, Mac, Amazon

    Coming soon: OUYA
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    1. etchie's Avatar
      etchie -
      I'm not getting any updates from MacOS.
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      k88dad -
      Quote Originally Posted by etchie View Post
      I'm not getting any updates from MacOS.
      Supposedly, they're finally going to give the Mac some attention, instead of porting pretty much straight from iOS. I doubt that means any improvements to graphic quality, but keyboard mapping and the latest interface would be a start. That is the given explanation for no recent Mac updates. Sadly, this is not the first time that the Mac has missed one or more table release dates due to poor support.

      I always advise Mac users to buy via Steam. This gives you the option to play on any Steam-supported platform. There are worse reasons to put a Windows partition on your Mac than to play Pinball Arcade.

      Edit: Well, Paragon is out, and the keyboard mapping appears to work on Mac. Still the old interface, which some prefer.
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      oldmanunseen -
      Hi. I downloaded it yesterday. So far so good.