• Wipe Out has been released

    Wipe Out™ (1993) is an extreme table designed by Ray Tanzer. "Gottlieb glides past the competition" with this table that puts players in the middle of an exciting Snow Sports competition! To score big, players must advance the Course level from the beginner Green Circle to the expert Double Black Diamond, and compete in Rounds leading up to the Triple Diamond Round. Start Avalanche Multiball by locking balls on the Ski Lift to send them down the player-controlled Slalom mini-playfield and earn huge Super Jackpots. Go big with Wipe Out! 2,150 units were produced.

    Wipe Out is available on Google Play, iOS, Steam and OUYA, with MAC and Amazon to he released soon
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    1. Sinitro's Avatar
      Sinitro -
      Mac download version is defective...
      Multiple screens come up with Paragon and WipeOut toggle back & forth then the message Network connection issue.
      Pls fix and confirm back when the problem is resolved.
      Thank U.
    1. Xanija's Avatar
      Xanija -
      Please send an e-mail to support@pinballarcade.com as this is just a fan forum and it can't be guaranteed FarSight support is reading every post.

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