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    World Champion Soccer (1994): is a fast-action table originally released by Bally as World Cup Soccer. The game was designed by John Popadiuk and Larry DeMarwith art drawn by Kevin O'Connor. Players are encouraged to take the field with a 3-lane Skill Shot that starts off a high energy game of championship soccer. Score big on this table by shooting Goals, making Assists, and earning saves. Travel the nation as you challenge other teams on the way to the Final Match. Then, play the champion team in an intense 5-ball multiball duel to become the World Champion. 8,743 units of the original table were produced.

    Available now for: Steam, iOS, Google Play, Mac, Amazon, OUYA

    Video of World Championship Soccer in action
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    1. Joelpbafan's Avatar
      Joelpbafan -
      I don't see the update on amazon
    1. timxtr's Avatar
      timxtr -
      Im looking forward to this awesome game on XBox1. How soon is now?
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