• Pistol Poker released

    Pistol Poker (Alvin G. and Company) has been released on Steam, iOS, GooglePlay, and Amazon.

    Just for the sake of completeness, during the last 2 months FarSight has released the EM double pack:

    Wild Card™ (1977): was the last electro-mechanical single player game produced by Williams featuring art by Christian Marche. This table was built as a fitting end to the Williams EM era with Wild Ball Action feeding the wide range of shots that make this table engaging with every game played. Complete card sets to light Specials around the table and increase the value of the tough Upper Eject shot for big points. But dont forget to catch the valuable Left Lane rewards on each new ball to maximize your score. Put on your best poker face and play Wild Card. 901 units were produced.

    Spanish Eyes™ (1972): is a distinctive table designed by Norm Clark with art drawn by John Craig. This fast-paced table is a unique design with a Bumper in between two widely spaced Flippers, making it an excellent game to practice nudging to keep the ball in play. Complete the letters A-B-C-D-E and 1-6 targets to build your score before shooting the valuable Center Loop and Saucer. But always keep your eyes open. Sharp reflexes lead to huge scores on Spanish Eyes. 3,905 units were produced.

    Before that, we saw th release of Ghostbusters on The Pinball Arcade and on Stern Pinball Arcade:

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    Man, I haven't messed with VP in a LONG time. I still have an ancient version installed on this laptop (which is 7 years old) that I transplanted from

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    Jeff Strong

    Scared Stiff (MAME)

    Yep, the emulator that goes hand and hand with Visual Pinball, VpinMAME, is actually based on a really old version of MAME. There are other WMS pin ROMs

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    Scared Stiff (MAME)

    It's probably for Visual Pinball, as you have to download not only the table, but sound and ROM files.

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    Restore save data not working properly

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