• Whoa Nellie and Big Buck Hunter have been released on TPA

    Whoa Nellie! Big Juicy Melons™ (2015): is a unique blend of classic art and modern technology. The retro gameplay designed by Dennis Nordman combines with nostalgic art drawn by Greg Freres to create a rewarding, easy-to-learn game for all players. Score big points by shooting Melon Targets around the farm on this playfield packaged in a unique fruit crate cabinet. Enjoy this fresh take on classic pinball with Whoa Nellie, “A Crate Full of Fresh!”

    Big Buck Hunter® Pro (2010): is a challenging hunting themed table made by Stern. With well-rounded ruled designed by John Borg, this table has art designed by John Youssi and speech by George Petro, narrator of the Big Buck Hunter arcade games that immerse the player in the forest. Challenge yourself as a marksman by pursuing wild game, such as Elk, Moose, Birds, and Rams, while a motorized Buck moves swiftly across the playfield to start the wizard mode, Open Season. "Big Buck Hunter® PRO Pinball is fun for the hunter in everyone."

    Available now for: Steam, iOS, Google Play

    Coming soon: Amazon, Mac

    Link to Newletter #77
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    Pinball FX3 & other Pinball sales

    Williams Volume 6 is on sale on Switch for $6.99. Universal Monsters is $5.99. Zen Classics also on sale for $3.39. And Star Wars Pinball is $17.99.

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    The Random Thought Thread

    Should I assume that everything you don't understand will from now on be referred to as a "conspiracy?" Bankruptcy, like the kind that Trump

    trash80 Yesterday, 04:49 AM Go to last post

    The Random Thought Thread

    Ted Cruz is your senator from Texas ,do everyone the favour and keep your conspiracy s... to yourself . America sadly is in a ****house position because

    wolfson 01-14-2021, 05:26 PM Go to last post

    The Random Thought Thread

    It is pretty sad to see you continue to resort to name calling and ad hominems since you obviously have nothing of worth to support your argument.

    trash80 01-13-2021, 04:49 PM Go to last post

    The Random Thought Thread

    dipstick , stop flogging your log , and get a couple of chill pills before your overworked brain melts into the gutter . i see you come from Ted Cruz

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