• Zen Pinball FX3 Williams Volume 2 announcement!

    Zen has just announced their next table pack, and it's 3 Bally tables this time for Williams Volume 2:

    - Attack From Mars

    - Black Rose

    - Party Zone

    These will be available in December and sell for $9.99

    In addition, there have been a few tweaks to the game. The event cameras will now be able to be turned on or off in the options menu. For Steam users, Family Mode will also be able to be toggled, allowing for completely uncensored tables to be played. This option will not yet be available to console users. For more in depth information about this next release, listen to the BlahCade Pinball Podcast #155 which is an interview once again with Mel Kirk, VP of Publishing at Zen.
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    1. L33's Avatar
      L33 -
      Great tables...Roll on December. Keep em coming!!! 😊
    1. wolfson's Avatar
      wolfson -
      thanks Chris , nice XMAS present !!! can`t wait
    1. vfpcoder's Avatar
      vfpcoder -
      Fantastic news!!!!

      Can’t wait for afm!!!!!!!!
    1. Dan's Avatar
      Dan -
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