• Williams Pinball News!

    The Williams Pinball app from Zen is now available for download in the iOS App Store. Before getting into that news though, if you would like to participate in the Android beta you can do so by following this link https://play.google.com/apps/testing...illiamspinball

    What To Know About The Williams Pinball App

    This follows the 'free to play' model of many mobile games. By that I mean you can play all the tables, but you'll need to do some collecting of Tickets and Zen Coins to eventually unlock all aspects of each table. This is done by playing Daily Challenges, or you can buy Zen Coins outright to pay for the tables without the need to grind.

    Also of note is if you select 'multiplayer' you will be shifted over to the Skillz app where you can play tournaments for real money as well as practice tournaments that cost nothing.

    For more discussion, head over to the dedicated thread here http://www.digitalpinballfans.com/sh...293#post283293
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