• Zen Pinball FX3 Williams Volume 3 announcement!

    Zen has just announced Volume 3 of the Williams Pinball Collection - to be released on March 19!

    These are the tables:

    Theatre of Magic

    Safe Cracker

    The Champion Pub

    Watch the announcement trailer:

    Finally, listen to Chris and Jared talking about the latest release on their latest podcast

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    The Pinball Show

    I do see that joeblow, and you'll have to forgive me for lumping your statements in with other similar statements I've seen on other message threads from

    shutyertrap 03-06-2021, 09:50 AM Go to last post

    The Pinball Show

    ^^^ Actually, I said something similar a few posts up:

    You can see that in the quote, I also expressed what my ultimate goal

    joeblow 03-05-2021, 07:42 PM Go to last post

    The Pinball Show

    I hear what you (and others) are saying, but perhaps it's the way it's being said that wrankles. See, a problem is being raised that doesn't exist yet

    shutyertrap 03-04-2021, 09:34 PM Go to last post

    The Pinball Show

    While true I am privy to certain information, how things are going to be sold or distributed is not one of them. When I talk here or in BlahCade about

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    Just received Marvel Arcade 1up Pinball preordered through Gamestop

    I watch his vids too, so don't feel bad!

    Pt 2 just came out today showing how he found the perfect backglass monitor that drops right in.

    shutyertrap 03-04-2021, 08:54 PM Go to last post