• Zaccaria Releases Tropical! Remake

    Zaccaria Pinball has added yet another Remake to their collection, this time being Tropical!

    Looks like they've started adding items to the apron too.

    Tropical! is available now on Steam. There are only 3 more remakes coming, which will bring the total to 27. This update also fixes a certain issue with flippers in Challenge mode.
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    1. Lroy's Avatar
      Lroy -
      Article says there’s only 3 more ‘remakes’ to come from ZACCARIA. So will that mark the end of any further table additions to the game?

    1. Citizen's Avatar
      Citizen -
      Probably. They stopped making Retros a while ago and there aren't any real tables left to recreate. So if they're wrapping up the Remakes too, there's really nothing left. They could still add more of the Reward tables from their older games, I guess, but it's been a long time since they added one of those, so I'm pretty sure they're done with those too.

      So unless they get a new license, yeah, pretty much the end.
    1. Lroy's Avatar
      Lroy -
      @Citizen That’s not necessarily a bad thing, means we can collect the tables piece by piece and know we can complete the collection.

      I often tend to play the remakes over the original tables. Hope they all come to Nintendo Switch.